My Story – How I Got Motivated To Change My Lifestyle

if-you-dont-like-somethingchange-it-if-you-cant-change-it-change-your-attitude-life-quoteHello 365’ers. As 2014 comes to a close I have a different type of video to share with you. It’s not about our great community but about what I was able to achieve.  I get so many questions regarding my life changing journey, one of the most popular being how I stay motivated and what do I eat. So today I’ve decided to share with you a bit more of my story and how I succeeded in losing over 62 pounds. I truly hope this helps someone who is struggling with their life and trying to stay healthy.

As I mentioned in the last year I have lost roughly 62 lbs. I didn’t follow a specific program, I simply stuck to living a gluten-free, vegan lifestyle and exercising. That seemed like the best routine for me. Overall I wanted to change my lifestyle habits so this change would become a permanent way of life for myself. From being overweight for the past 10 years it was constantly a daily fight to keep the weight off and achieve the life goals I so desperately wanted to relive.

IMG_1731There were several things that all came together in a perfect storm to motivate my change in lifestyle.  Through owning 365 Things To Do In Orangeville and being a Realtor I am in the public eye a lot and I need to be at my best.  For me personally, the main thing that prompted my desire to change my life was FEAR. I watched my Dad struggle with his health for a while with going and in and out of hospitals and passing away at the age of 83, my own health issues gave me the final push I needed to change my lifestyle and I thank my Doctor uttering the words that put the FEAR in me!

As simple as this may sound, one of the things that helped me most was to live in the moment and forget about the past.

Another great habit to do is to tell everyone what you are doing, it will help on maintaining a healthier life. All my friends keep me accountable, some run with me now and we all encourage each other, and push each other to achieve our goals.

PLEASE realize this is a journey, it’s going to take time. Focus on being healthy instead of the scale and know you may not see results right away, but if you work everyday toward a healthier lifestyle then the results will come

I sincerely want to help anyone out there who might be struggling!

As always, please take care and know that you are not alone! See you soon!!!

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