50 Reasons To Love The Headwaters Region

People seem to have forgotten or simply never have experienced how beautiful and peaceful Orangeville & the surrounding Headwaters Region can be or how awesome and friendly the residents really are! Of course, there are always exceptions, but let’s focus on the positive and think about our community!

Please share this list with as many people as you know and let’s celebrate Orangeville’s reputation, if not in the national media, at least among each other. I am proud to live in Dufferin County and I have no intention of moving. It’s the county we chose to raise our little family, the place I call home. It is a great place to live, play and relax.  Here are just some of the many reasons…

101 Reasons to love Orangeville and the Headwaters Region (in absolutely no particular order!)

  1. We DON’T have an international airport.  It’s only a 40 drive
  2. Farmers Market on 2nd Street and Broadway (Saturdays)
  3. Plenty of Art Galleries – The Bartlett Gallery, Bridget Wilson Design, The Alton Gallery and more!
  4. Soulyve– Voted one of the best Caribbean Cuisine restaurants in Dufferin County.   They have even been on the hit TV show called You Gotta Eat Here in the fall of 2012.  Thanks Food Network.
  5. Philadelphia Kitchen – They bring you an authentic Philly Cheesesteak – now how cool is that? Tons of people travel many miles just to get to taste this wonderful food, and we have it right here!  They where also on You Gotta Eat Here.
  6. We have “our own lake” – Island Lake– this lake makes the perfect scenery for lots of events and romantic walks. It makes Orangeville even more beautiful and special!
  7. The beautiful Victorian homes of the historic residential district
  8. Stop by BOOKLORE. They have everything a book lover would want in a small independent bookstore that you can imagine.
  9. Orangeville very own BMX bike Park.  The Orangeville BMX Park is awesome!  Absolutely sic… The Only BMX park in Orangeville opened in 2010
  10. Hot summers is what brings the kids to their very own park.   Kids and parents in Orangeville will be running for the splash pad in Every Kids Park
  11. Headwaters Health Care Centre
  12. Easy Access to Brampton (hwy 10), Collingwood (hwy 124), Barrie (Hwy 89), Guelph (dufferin road 3) and Newmarket (Hwy 9)
  13. Only 20 minutes to the closest beaches such as Bellwood lake/conservation in Bellwood, and Professors lake in Bramelea or 55 minutes to Wasaga Beach (other than Island lake)
  14. Orangeville Library – not just awesome because of storytime
  15. Jazz and Blues Event – one of Orangeville’s biggest annual events
  16. Our very own Dufferin County Museum
  17. Galaxy Cinemas Orangeville at the Fairgrounds Shopping Centre. Who doesn’t love a good movie at the Big screen? So glad we have our own.
  18. Orangeville’s Annual Christmas in the Park and Christmas Parade
  19. Orangeville was the setting for the movie The Man on the Train (2011) which stars Donald Sutherland and U2 band’s drummer, Larry Mullen Jr
  20. Lot’s of independent restaurants makes Orangeville different than most major cities
  21. You can see Deer, Fox, Bobolink (threatened species of bird), Blue Herons, Water Falls, Lakes, open fields close to the city (e.g. Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Guelph, Barrie, etc.)
  22. Candy, who doesn’t love candy!  I have a sweet spot for the stuff, now Orangeville has it’s very own Candy store
  23. Dufferin County hosts the North of 89 Studio (Art Tour) – exciting!!
  24. When you grow up in rural areas to Ontario, often times you will have to entertain yourself in the event of boredom, that’s when Sweet Peas mud bogs come into the scene
  25. For families that are into fishing this event is for you!  It’s the July 9 and 10 Fishing Derby
  26. Pottery and Art Classes in downtown Orangeville
  27. Sitting on Broadway Median and just enjoying our quiet little town. And looking at that clock tower while drinking a coffee!
  28. The Dufferin Chamber of Commerce – Networking Events, to help your business!
  29. Summerfeast is the highly anticipated  culinary experience that happens every year in Orangeville.  “SummerFeast offers special menus showcasing the extraordinary cuisine at some of our area’s most popular dining establishments.
  30. Orangevilee’s People – friendly and helpful, I have yet to run into someone who doesn’t fit those characteristics (sure, there are always exceptions, but I’m talking in general here!)
  31. If you are looking for a place for the kids to let off some energy then The Jungle Oasis Playground is a hit with the kids and from local parents. There are a lot of similarities to other  locations in the city, but the great thing about the Jungle is that you don’t have to drive to the city 🙂
  32. The Fire and Ice Festival is such awesome event.  If gives everyone something to do for FREE.  It’s a event that takes place indoor and outdoor and features a wide array of activities such as Ice cravings, ice painting, blacksmith shop and demonstrations for people of all ages
  33. Looking for interesting hiking trails are fun and exciting. Centre Road in Mulmur is part of the Bruce Trail and not very many people know about.   I’m  heading toward river road but it’s not even visible in the forest that surround me. But neither is the steep drop-off to the valley below, which is just around the corner
  34. Scenic drives are what makes a Sunday in the fall so special.  We have some awesome roads to see the fall colours from such as River Road. It’s a winding 15-km route through the Mulmur Valley—a part of Mulmur’s inner passage 🙂  that is known for its variety.  If you drive up to county road 21 at the top of 2nd line East, you will see some amazing views…trust me!
  35. Spirit Tree Estate Cidery is a food-lover’s destination in a unique straw bale building. Sweet apple cider and pub-style hard cider. Wood-fired stone oven bakery producing artisan breads, pies and pastries.
  36. Main Street Cafe’ is a small breakfast and lunch restaurant/cafe’ in a small town in Shelburne.  Their food is simple with a few surprises that most will relate to good down-home cooking.  Main Street Cafe’ is not overly fancy nor expensive
  37. Hands On Catering and Specialties  has homemade meals to go!  Lasagna, Veggie Lasagna, Meat pies, Cabbage rolls, Chili, Baked beans, Roasted Red pepper soup, Sandwich platters etc etc etc. they also also specialize in Gluten Free Catering that Celiacs and non-celiacs can enjoy. The Gluten Free Sandwiches, Gluten Free Desserts & Squares are really good but not very many people know about all the new options in Shelburne
  38. Food and Water GPS Tour is a GPS Tour and Scavenger Hunt that was created  as a way to encourage understanding and exploration of our beautiful and precious farmland and water.  That’s IT! and a fun way to spend the afternoon with the family or a great way to get to know an area while driving and from time to time stopping and checking out the sites.
  39. We have the only Pub that is called a Public House!   Terra Nova Public House in Mulmur is a awesome place to get a bite to eat or just have a drink outside on the patio.
  40. Foxy’s Burger Bus.  Yes thats right a place that serves food that is cooked in the School bus..LOL.  Order the crowd favorite, The Buffalo burger.  They also have the Foxy Burger, Veggie burger, Chicken burger, Fries, Hot Dog, Sausages, Poutine, Onion rings, Ice Cream and milkshakes!!!!!
  41. The Poutine Joint is fired up from Thursday to Sunday from May till October.  They are  located at the four corners of Mansfeild in Dufferin County about 30 minutes north East of Orangeville Ontario on Airport road.  Their  40ft food trailer is a site of sore eyes after a few hrs of driving from the city to the cottage.
  42. Toronto it seems is certainly dominating the gourmet burger scene.  So when people move north of the city to small towns with lots of mileage between them, they tend to have a hard time finding a place to satisfy their big city craving, at least that is until now..Check out Bistro Burger Joint
  43. The perfect sunset can be hard to find but if you live in Dufferin County then you will have not problem finding just the right spot.
  44. If you drive through the hamlet of Laurel, Ontario you will find this 4 feet-tall real Grocery Cart!  It’s sure to get people talking from miles away. It was featured in the Movie Jackass 3 (says the owner) But don’t try to push statue down the road, since it’s made of over 700 kilograms steel. Yikes!
  45. The Lynbrook Family Golf Centre is  HOME OF THE WORLDS LARGEST GOLF BAG.  It’s also Dufferin’s only family golf centre that has something for everyone!
  46. Having to customize every Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
  47.  The Orangeville Farmers Market is a great way to pick up some fresh produce, craft items and support our local area businesses and farmers. The Farmers Market will be happening next to Town hall just off of Broadway
  48. We have 2 places to go skiing in Dufferin County but in the Headwaters Region we have 4 😉 and some of the places have Night Skiing like at Hockley Valley
  49. If you’re into RC cars, boats, planes, helicopters then you might want to check out Hobby Obsession in the east end of Alliston.   You might get hooked after you try one of the cars on their indoor racetrack …the only one within an hr of Orangeville
  50. The  Pine River is an awesome area for fishing, hiking or getting away for some needing down time (I come here to clear my mind and enjoy what mother nature has given us)
  51. It’s not Toronto
  52. When traffic is held up by a flock of Canadian geese who are taking their sweet old time crossing the road.

Stay tuned…more to come.

What do you love about Orangeville and the Headwaters Region?

9 replies

  1. I love that you can fish in the summer and the winter at Island Lake.

  2. My boyfriend and I are moving to Orangeville in 3 weeks and we can’t wait to explore everything the area has to offer. Thanks for the great ideas — look forward to seeing more!

  3. Definitly the rivers, the trails, the fields of milkweed flowers and monarchs, the farms and vegetable stands, community events, horses in daisy fields and split rail fences, the freezing fog winter landscapes with cerulean sky… and you can see the stars!

  4. The Millcreek Pub and let’s not forget the fabulous “Art Walk of Tree Sculptures”

  5. What do we love most about Orangeville and the Headwaters Region?

    The People are so terrific, friendly and wonderful. We use to live in Toronto (Bloor/Lansdowne) and one of the main reasons we are moving up here – All of you!

  6. A great way to get to know downtown Orangeville is to do the walking food tour, Savour the Flavours!

  7. A great way to get to know downtown Orangeville is to go on the food tour! Savour the Flavours of Orangeville, and get a little history lesson at the same time!

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