The Story Behind The Blog…

I have been in Dufferin County for 9 years now, and I absolutely love it.  I find that it is so unique and offers something for everyone.

As we looked toward the future, a goal of mine was to get out, try new things and see what Dufferin County has to offer that I hadn’t yet discovered. I also had some clients ask me for ideas of things to do in the area. So here goes the adventure.

I find myself always going back to my local favorites, and while they are excellent, there is no harm in trying something new.

I am a realtor here in Orangeville, and clients are always asking for suggestions on what to do around town. So, I thought I would blog about my experiences, recommendations and what you have to do before you can call yourself a true local.

These are all my opinions, and I’m by no means an expert on most things discussed here (well, maybe when it comes to Pizza and Smoothies – I know a thing or two). I hope you enjoy the journey as I blog for 365 days and discover something about the Dufferin County that is new to you. I’m always open to suggestions as a year’s worth of activities is a big list to compile.

Well it’s complete now and I have to say one thing.  WOW!!!!  it’s been so much fun, and I’ve learned so much. As always, it’s a great day to be alive in Orangeville, & Dufferin county Ontario

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  1. My father had lots of relatives in the Shelburne & Orangeville area. Every year there is still a ‘Family reunion’ held at various locations in the vicinity.
    It is amazing what you are finding to do in the County. How about the ‘Shoe Tree’??

  2. There two things on my list that you could try, 1 is foraging for free food, although im not sure what would grow this tie of the year, the other is exploring abandoned houses and taking photos before there gone.

    Great site btw,

    Chris, Pias Bakery Chef

  3. Dear Duffin people,
    On July 8th 2012 myself and my family went out to
    The BMX park for some fun with our RC trucks. I agree
    The park has been made for BMX but the kids of Orangeville do have hobbys and should be able to play in the park as well. I think that Duffrin County should provide a place for the kids to play with the RC cars, if not designate a day or 2 for them to go and have fun racing and jumping. Myself a former resident of Orangeville am quite dissapointed that the kids have nowhere to play and often turn to drugs and illegal activities as you must know. Please consider my e-mail and give the kids a place to play.
    Thank you
    David Lambert.

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