Day 195 of 365 – Ruby Pier Steak And Oyster Pub

Oh long live the dog days of The Mad Hatter, it might be gone but the memories live on!  The beginning of  Ruby Pier Steak and Oyster Pub has now just begun. Perry Meeker and executive chef Bruce Johnston, are hosting their restaurant’s grand opening tomorrow Saturday (Dec. 3), and it all starts at 6 p.m.

So what do they offer?  Ruby Pier Steak and Oyster Pub, offers fresh oysters and hand-cut steak, among some of the olde time favourites, will cook fresh food right before your every eyes in their new open concept kitchen.

Since it is located right next to my office in Orangeville I couldn’t wait until Dec 3rd. to try it out.   I’ve seen lots of work going on for a few months so with my new iPhone in hand, I went in search for answers  The new name sets the stage and I have a for the second time a the last few hrs this nagging feeling that I’ve heard it before.

Once Inside, I have the feeling that I’m not is Kansas anymore Toto..LOL  Wow, it looks awesome, it’s bright, clean, open concept, and it has the same community feeling.   The big thing that I noticed was that their menu now offers oysters along with some of the olde time favorites.  Now, I have to tell you that I’ve never had oysters in my life and I never thought that I would until NOW.  I was introduced to Barney who is the main dude when it comes to shucking oysters.

Not being a fan of oysters, I decided I needed to try them at least once to give my 365 things to do in Orangeville followers an idea of what to expect . Little did I know I will become one of the biggest fans of the little suckers (pun intended) and will become a regular here again (LOL)

I talked with a few of the others in Ruby Pier and they tell me that having a restaurant in town that serves oysters is amazing.  Why I asked?  Their answer is not surprising, “I don’t have to drive to Toronto anymore”.  Point well taken!

The staff are so nice and they treat everyone with so much kindness that by the time you leave your looking forward to your next visit 🙂  I guess that’s what makes Ruby Pier a pleasurable experience.

To my enjoyment, and hopefully yours, oysters at Ruby Pier can be eaten raw. My favorite kind are always and forever PEI’s Conway Cups. I ordered the 4 different selections, Chipigan Cocktails (N.B), Conway Cups (P.E.I), Gooseberry Bay (MD) and  Chesapeake (Boston MASS) . Conway Cups are great oysters with an unequaled taste out of the 4 that I tried…LOL, superior appearance and excellent keeping quality.  So when I come to Ruby Pier, I know I am definitely in for a treat.

Oh yeah, the name Ruby Pier comes from Mitch Albom book called The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  In this awesome book there is an amusement park called Ruby Pier!  HA got it! and one more thing….Tim O’Halloran who is the other owner was also in the MOVIE!!!! So not only do we have an awesome restaurant but we have an other movie star in our community!

for only $2.50 each, you can eat premium freshly imported Oysters at Ruby Pier Restaurant in Orangeville. Every day and night but if you want to see Barney your going to have to come in at 6:00pm except on Mondays but you can still order oysters.

101 First St  Orangeville, ON L9W 2E8
(519) 938-9998

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9 replies

  1. Great blog David, thanks alot and we’ll be looking forward to having you enjoy some of our oysters again soon.


  2. Hi ,
    My wife and I are bringing one of our largest customers on Friday night and very much looking forward to it. I have heard, through a friend that Perry is an amazing host. See you all Friday. Do i need a reservation?

  3. Perry
    Wishing you all the success with the newest oyster pub. Looks great.
    Scott Moore


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