Day 364 of 365 – Hockley Valley Bruce Trail

Wow! I can’t believe I just typed “Day 364 of 365″.  That Seriously blows my mind. It’s hard to believe I’ve blogged 99.9% every day in a row for 364 days. What a crazy amazing year it’s been. Now let’s get to today’s post.

Did you know Orangeville and Dufferin County has its own section of the Bruce Trail that runs though Hockley Valley? It does. The Bruce Trail snakes it’s way north in the heart of Mono township, directly north east of Orangeville Ontario.

It is a wonderful trail that can accommodate all sorts of people from all over Ontario including lots of locals. Whether you’re in the mood for a short walk, long hike or your just out with the kids this is a great place to check out.  You have to park in the parking lot that is located just down the road from the entrance and then walk up some stairs but it’s all in fun….there are 3 side trails in the park so you have your pick 🙂

Entrance to the trail from Hockley Road

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  1. Hi David:
    I’m one of the volunteers who build and maintain the Bruce Trail in Mono, so I’m glad to see you enjoyed your hike in Hockley Valley Provinicial Nature Reserve. Just wanted to let you know there are lots of other great areas to hike, where you won’t encounter as many people. Two other places you might like to sample are the Hemlock Ridges area (park on 5th Line just south of Hockley Rd) and the Hockleycrest loop (park on 5 Sideroad 0.5 km east of Airport Rd)

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