Vegebitez is the BEST VEGAN Grub in Oakville

IMG_2995Sometimes I just amaze myself on my ability to find awesome places to eat.  I really do.  My running has been a bit quite since I finished my marathon, I’ve been taking it easy with the recovery and just having fun reading and writing instead of running..LOL!  I have big plans that I’ll share in the next few weeks.

The other day I found myself at a place called Vegebitez.  It’s a 100% Gluten-Free & Vegan Eatery in North Oakville.  This establishment has only been open for about a month and a half and I was so pleasantly surprised when I called them to asked what time they closed.   The lady on the other end of the phone (Marnie) replied in such a professional yet uplifting positive and happy tone of voice that they closed at 9pm.  I decided that I needed to check them out.

IMG_3015The drive to Oakville was on my way to my next appointment so I knew I had time to eat.  I arrived about 20 minutes later and I was struck by how clean this place was.   They are open for breakfast which is very different and smart.  They had this really huge countertop and a staff member was making what looked to be burgers and they looked so good.  There was lots of seating to the right and the menu was so extensive I literally stood there trying to decide for what seemed like forever.   It was extremely hard dedication to make because everything look so absolutely awesome.

I asked a lady behind the counter what she suggests…The Roma Burger she said with conviction. Then one of the other staff member said that they liked Mexicalli, then another 2 staff spoke up and before I knew it we had a tied 2 to 2.   I needed tiebreaker.  Marnie was the lady that I talked to on the phone so I asked her.  She replied…… Roma!   So I  ordered the Roma burger, side caesar salad.   I thought about ordering one of those mochashakes but it was made with soy milk and I can’t eat soy.   I went with the “It’s a date” smoothie:-) and I’m so happy I did.   Thanks for the suggestion Jeff.

I don’t think I have ever seen staff members so happy to be working in a business.  It was such a joy to see.  They were friendly, kind, extremely helpful and knowledgeable and every single one of them had a beautiful smile and the eagerness to make their customers experience a fantastic one.

IMG_3018My burger was the best vegan burger I have ever had in my life, hand down!!  I am not kidding about that, it’s the absolute truth.  The vegan caesar salad, yeah I was dumb struck by how tasty it was and again to be quite frank it was BETTER than any caesar salad made with gluten and dairy I can get at a fine dining restaurant,  Roma Burger and caesar salad were both five star.  My smoothie was another five star, it was called It’s a date” rocked. I totally loved it.  What an amazing smoothie that I will have to add to my all time favourites list.

My only complaint, yeah every place has to have one..LOL, would be the straws they use for the smoothies were too small.   Anytime that I tried to suck up through the straw it closed over and that was it.  It was a challenge that I didn’t want to have. I really wanted to drink it so I took the lid off and finished it that way they promised me that they would get new straws at some point once they used up their stock.

IMG_3012There where many other people eating lunch as well,  probably about 20 to 30 people in all.  As I ate my lunch I could l  hear the other customers commenting on how good the food was.

I also had some desserts.  Yup, I did and it was hard not to order everything but I ordered the whoopie pie which was incredible.  I highly recommend trying it.  Thanks Cealiea for the sample..that made me have to oder one…LOL!   Everyone should try one, you will be happy you did…Just saying’.    I was so pleased that I ordered the snowball as well.  Nice treat to go but It didn’t see the time of day outside the restaurant.

I didn’t realize who the owner was.   Everyone just seemed to be so connected with each other and the flow of their working ability was awesome to watch.  Everyone just cared so much.  I found out later that the owner was the lovely young lady that was helping me and her name is Heyli.  So Heyli want to thank you for a wonderful experience and I’m very pleased that you opened up a one of a kind experience and to Cedaliea, Marnie,Liam and Jeff thanks for your kind and helpful service.  It’s very rare to find such engaging happy staff.

IMG_3023I now have one more place I can eat at or just visit my new friends.  If you haven’t tried this Vegebitez then it’s it is a definite must in your near future. The staff at Vegebitez are incredibly knowledgeable people all under one roof who are happy.  It’s a joy to be in a vibrate super cool place to eat. Their food is the best VEGAN food around.   You are very lucky Oakville you need to go support this business,  you’ve got something special going on here 🙂


IMG_3016Vegan, gluten-free and peanut-free eatery, opened Sept 2015. Offers smoothies, mockshakes, vegan desserts and a varied range of cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Price: Moderate

Vegan, International, Organic, Western, Take-out and delivery
2460 Neyagawa Blvd Unit 9
Oakville, Ontario L6H 7P4  905-844-4888

Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accepts credit cards









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