Southern-Style Barbecue Comes To Orangeville.

IMG_3711Southern-Style Barbecue Comes To Orangeville.

The Black Wolf Smoke House is one of the newest in a line of restaurants that has opened this year.  The new Smoke House comes with it’s  own in-house smoker,that sets it’s self apart from all the other dining locations in Orangeville.

Inside is warm and cozy. The decor is modern and has is nicely updated with new flooring, seating, lighting. The menu is simple so ordering is very easy 😉

Peter Rak never set out to create Smokehouse in Orangeville. He’s not a classically trained chef or graduate of culinary school. It was a trip down to South Carolina 15 years ago that started it all. Over all these years he has been experimenting with different recipes for a smoker. AND now after all the hard work that he has put into his craft… The Black Wolf Smoke House is born :).


 For someone that doesn’t eat much meat anymore, I did my best to make my meal last since it takes more than a day to prepare.  I wanted it to LAST!  Ha ha I know that’s funny but I did make it last 5 minutes…LOL!  Smoking adds a flavour dimension that tastes so good!

I had the the Smoked Brisket Sandwich ($16) is loaded onto a soft bun (You Can Bring YOUR Own Gluten Free Bun If You Wish) . In Carolina-style, the torn meat starts as cow breast, dry brined then rubbed with spice and is then slow smoked for 14 hours (that would be my guess) in a Southern Pride smoker and it comes with fries or a salad.  I ended up also getting the spinach salad that was out of this world!!!!

The food really was exceptional, portions sizes where great, presentation was very appealing, flavor was out of this world.. exceptional taste and flavor bit of tang to the sauce but not over powering…

The restaurant carries all the staples of southern cooking, from ribs to brisket to catfish and it’s just so cosy and warm inside, I didn’t want lunch to end 🙂


So everything on the menu has this southern feel. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual dining. I think people will really have comfortable dinning experience.  They are still new so be patient with your food and service.

The food is made fresh and does not NOT come from a frozen bag.  They put in a lot of man hours to cook these amazing meals and when they are busy the staff is friendly and the service is right on the button!

I’ll be back and I can’t wait to try the Cajun cooking!!

 The Black Wolf Smoke House is Located at 139 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1K2 and can be reached at (519) 941-1313 or connect with them on facebook

IMG_3695 IMG_3693 IMG_3692





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