Where To Go Trail Running In Dufferin County Part 5 of 10



I love going the distance, pushing my body to the edge while not over doing it.  The other day I did just that in Mono even with the crappy weather.  Yeah, I know it’s winter and it’s time to except that we are going to see snow for another 4 or 5 months.

This is part 5 of 10 places to go running in Dufferin County.

Now If you’ve been trying to add a couple of more kilometres to your daily run, but just haven’t been able to find the motivation to do it? Well, I think this might be one solution to your problem.  That is, if you like hills and more hills and total seclusion.

In the clean, fresh air of Mono your daily routine will no longer be so routine. The breathtaking scenery that changes dramatically with the crest of every hill and around every turn is all the inspiration.

If you like the challenge of cross country trails, you can be assured that your passion for running will be more than satisfied during a trip to Hockley Valley Nature Reserve.

IMG_2137Many runners like to take their daily jaunts along the streets, feeling the safety of the smiling faces in the neighboughoods they live in.  If your looking for something different than the norm and knowing that breathing in air that will never be tainted by factories or vehicle exhaust you might have found your new favourite place. The scenery along the trail is awe-inspiring, constantly changing from the vibrant hues of farmers’ fields to picturesque trails in the woods.

Anyone who has ever done any running in Mono can tell you that the gentle summer breezes that come off those hills will make their way into the rustling trees, historic farm houses dot the landscape and fields of clover, pine and maple trees sway in that wind as if they were beckoning you to push a little harder so that you can take in a whole lot more of this natural beauty.

In the nature reserve you can run without running the same trail twice.  The combination of Tom East 4.9km, Glen Cross 4.2k, Cam Snell Side Trail 6.4 and the main Bruce Trail is awesome way to spend the day getting ready for your big race and getting in some milage 15.5K.

If you prefer flatter running trails you can enter from 3rd line and run the Glen Cross Side Trail.


IMG_2141For those who enjoy a run in more populated areas, then a run through the tree-lined streets of Orangeville will inspire you with historic architecture that dates back to the first European settlers to arrive in the county and some houses and outbuildings that were built during the heydays of shipbuilding.















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