Where To Go Trail Running In Dufferin County Part 4 of 10


Island Lake, Orangeville

I love seeing other people on the trails when I run so I thought today might be a good day to go for a run in Orangeville.  Training for my first 5K has been going very well, I’ve been able to run it in 27.11, it’s a PR right now.  Not bad for a guy that’s only been running a month and a half.  One of the things I have noticed about my running is that I have lots of gas in the tank at the end of my run, lets just hope on race day I’m able to give it 110% and make 25:00.

While I was out the other day for my training run I noticed that my energy level was very low and my feet felt like bricks but with .5k to go a I make a right turn and ran up with huge hill, just to say I did it…It turned out that my 5k run was then worst one I have IMG_1912recorded yet.  I know we all have bad days and all but it still sucked.  As I headed down the other side of the hill I decided that I would keep running and meet up with the other trail but something happened at 6k, I zoned out and relaxed and in doing so I ran my first ever 10K!  Yup, that’s right I had just completed 10K!  What was I thinking!  It went against all training logic.  What can a say…..I just felt like running. just like Forest Gump 🙂 and I FELT GREAT!

Since running that 10k, I’ve been thinking of where I could run another but at a different place.  So today I picked Island lake.  You’ll never be lonely at Island Lake. You’ll see friends or friendly runners, who will to wave at you, say hello to you and offer encouragement. There’s usually a nice breeze off the lake, which is welcomed through the warm months, though it can be less inviting on winter mornings like today…brrrrr.

Dufferin County remains a runners’ mecca in my mind. It’s also a haven for cyclists, walkers and hikers. In addition to endless people- and nature-watching opportunities, the lake has plenty of parking, beautiful scenery and an ever-changing landscape to keep you from getting bored on the long runs.

“It’s the best place to run in Orangeville.  The lake itself is an interesting environment with wild animals, interesting plants and animals.

Runners hit the lake from dawn until dark. The run I did today was a modified loop of 10.1k.  The trail currently is not a loop and you would have to back track and end up running 14k.  So I decided to park at Home Hardware at Hwy 10/5th ave and run up Hwy 10 to Hockley road then turn right and down to the entrance of the Vicky Barren Side Trail (2.7k).  Anyone seeking to run a shorter distance can opt for an out-and-back route from any access point. Early Saturday and Sunday mornings are busy.

In case you didn’t know: If you’ve never been to the lake, there are several blog posted I have written over the years.
















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