Where To Go Trail Running In Dufferin County Part 3 of 10


Line East Climb – Mono Cliffs, Dufferin County

Historically, Mono Cliffs has been the go-to location for hill training according to my running friends.  I have helped a number for clients move to Dufferin County from the city and they tell me that buying a home and investing in Real Estate north of the GTA was the best thing they have done for their health.

Over the last few months I have followed a popular workout, based on the Chase The Coyote trail run that the folks at Running Free in Orangeville have hosted for the last 3 years. What I do is  park at the bottom end of 2nd line just north of mono centre road and do a one km warm-up by running down the trail into the park then I turn right and follow the trail down the hill to the stairs.  Yup this is my new home for the next 45 minutes.

When I’m ready, I start running from the bottom of the link trail at the first of three trees to pick up speed. Then, I start my running app or watch at the third tree and race to the top, which is approximately 210 feet and 65 steps.

I keep water at the top, and rest as I head downhill to do it again and again.  After 45 minutes I’m so DONE!

There are other locations in the park to work on the hills but this is just one.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 5.31.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 5.21.58 PM



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