Where To Go Trail Running In Dufferin County Part 1 of 10

Runners can be fickle. Yes, I can say this now that I have become a self proclaimed runner.  I might be new to the sport but I defiantly caught the BUG and have been working toward my goal for some time!  Some runner are creatures of habit and rarely stray from what they’ve always done. Others embrace change and are always exploring new venues.  This last point describes me to a tee!

There are unlimited training routes from which to choose: short distance (5K), long (42.8k) or there is the ultra marathon (anything over 50K), cushioned, gravel or concrete paths, even tree-root-filled trails technical obstacles, and anything in between. There’s a choice of shade or sun, hills or flat. With cities constantly expanding their trail systems, options continue to grow.

Geography, training needs and personal preferences are key factors in formulating where to run. Safety and easy access to parking and restrooms help ensure a positive experience. Here’s a sampling of Orangeville’s area’s best places to run, based places that I have run.

Today I’ll be talking about The

IMG_1350Lookout Trail, Mono

I love the natural scenery of the trails and the minimal pounding my legs take. The km’s fly by, because I focus on my footing and the beauty surrounding me and keeping an eye open for the wild life that that are always close by.

There are a few things that I like about trail running.  One is that I feel better after two hours on the trail compared to one hour on the roads. It doesn’t take the same toll out of your legs as running on the roads.

The Lookout Trail on the north end of Mono Cliffs provincial park is ideal for intermediate runners. It offers a combination of hills and natural surfaces and some flat stretches.  It’s also the highest point in Mono Cliffs park at 510 Meters or 1,674 feet high.

It’s great for someone who has run dirt trails before but might not be the type of trail for a beginner to start out on.  It’s hard to get lost, as the path is easily marked with directional signs.

We don’t seem to have many Ultra-runners in the area but I do know of one such person that trained for the Leadville 100 mile race and he used this part of the trail along with lots of others during his all night runs!   Ultra-runners require more distance and hills, and demands more advanced technical skills to traverse.

The popular trailhead at Mono Cliffs charges an entrance fee per vehicle but if you your like me I park on 25th sideroad and start my run there. Just take hwy 20 north of Orangeville and turn right onto 25th sideroad then park at 2nd line Ehs (green dot) see below….Happy running 🙂


















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