Inspiring Trail That Will Make You Want To Grab Your Hiking Boots

IMG_0340The other day I had a thought!  Since it was the end of August, school was starting on Tuesday and the fall real estate market was going to be starting soon I might only have a few days left to enjoy a hike along the Primrose Loop and climb to Murphy’s Pinnacle!  It was AWESOME!!!

Directions and Parking: Follow Hwy 10 north from Orangeville to Primrose. At the lights where Hwy 10 meets Hwy 89, continue north on Prince of Wales Road. About 1 km north of Primrose, in the valley of the Boyne River, you will see a widening of the road with room for six to eight cars.

photoHike Directions: On the east side of Prince of Wales Road you will see blue blazes heading north and climbing to Murphy’s Pinnacle, one of the highest points on the Primrose Moraine, a relic of the last period of glaciation. To complete your hike, take the same trail back to your car. If you are feeling adventurous, you can head east from the Pinnacle to reach the main Bruce Trail (white blazes). Follow the Bruce Trail eastward until you reach the Boyne Valley Side Trail. Follow it south and west back to the Bruce Trail. Turn left, and head north across the Boyne to reach the Primrose Loop and then head back, west via Murphy’s Pinnacle.
(Bruce Trail Reference Map #20)

Length: This hike will take about one hour and is about 2 km long. If you continue to the Boyne Valley Side Trail you will be up to four or five hours on the Trail and it is 8 to 9 km long.




At the top of this hill was a sight that was so amazing that I sat down for 20 minutes to enjoy the view!



At The TOP of Murphy’s Pinnacle!







In The Valley









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