Now You Don’t Need To Drive 8 hrs To Get This


Day Tripping in Mississauga 😉

So a few weeks ago I finished showing properties in Mississauga and found myself on Lakeshore.  I was so hungry…I needed to find a place to eat so I parked in this plaza that I found, got my iPhone and was about to Google pizza places in Mississauga but before I was able to see my results the phone ring!    For all you who know me whenever I talk on the phone I can’t stand or sit still. So I started walking in this plaza I found and while I was walking around I came across Mickey’s pizza!  After my call ended in I went.  It was the best decision made.  Now you don’t need to drive 8hrs or 82okm to get one of these!!

Mickey’s Dragon Pizza is in Clarkson (Lakeshore Road), and what a awesome surprise! — John Catucci’s from the hit TV show called You Gotta Eat Here even featured it!

IMG_7938They have two different styles of pizza: The Killer King Dragon (a.k.a. Chicago-style deep dish) or Traditional (grilled thin crust). The first time I looked at the menu my head started to spin!  They have over 20 different options…WOW! and come in three different sizes…baby (serves 1-2), large (2-4) and jumbo (4-6).  I had the baby and it was more than enough for one person.

The Killer King is crazy good: It’s a deep-dish crust about two inches high, filled with whatever you choose and a huge amount of cheese. It weighs a ton and was amazing.  The prices were also very good staring at 8.95 for a baby king, 16.95 for a large and the jumbo…I can’t remember 😦

You have all kinds of choices on the menu to choose from, like the Texas Holdem: pepperoni, meatball, strip bacon, green pepper and barbecue sauce. VERY GOOD! Or the Smokey Dragon: pepperoni, strip bacon, crumble bacon, smoked mozzarella and barbecue sauce. They also offer lots of vegetarian choices.

I decided to have the Texas. Imagine: the crispiest deep crust pizza you can imagine topped with pepperoni, bacon strips, meat balls, peppers and I added the fresh mushrooms, black olives and extra cheese.

Why you should try it: Mickey’s is the type of Chicago deep-dish pizza that makes a believer out of people who don’t like deep dish, or heaven forbid, don’t think it’s pizza at all. The secret is the crispy cheese crust. For those people who think deep-dish crust is too dry or flavorless, it’s the solution to your problems.

IMG_7866All pizza you eat with your hands but this is the truest kind of pizza you can eat with your hands, or with a knife and fork if you choose (it might be a better choice if your with someone.

Since I had time on my hand while I was waiting for my pizza to cook, I had a conversation with a staff member. She took the time to answer all my questions and describe how the cooking process works.

They have a this New York pizza oven which is a unique grill.  It’s revolving slab about two inches thick over a fire pit. she told me it was the only one of its kind here in Ontario and that it only takes about 15 minutes to heat up.  I’ve never seen anything like it before that day :). The grilled pizzas are cooked right on the grill and the deep dish spend a some time in an Italian pizza oven before finishing on the monster grill.

Next time you’re in the mood for great pizza, you might just want to try Mickey’s Pizza. I guarantee you’ll love it.  THAT IS IF YOU LIKE PIZZA …LOL.

Mickey’s Dragon Pizza is located at 1900 Lakeshore Rd and can be reached at 905-822-1411 or visit their web site at














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  1. Too expensive and will not buy from them because we do not eat halal products and they don’t tell their customers that they serve halal meat in their pizza.

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