Highpoint Cafe & Restaurant

Ok, I drive Hwy 10 like every day and I have never stopped to eat here.  I don’t know why..I guess it was just never a good time or I had to be somewhere else.IMG_7259  So, in October of 2013 I noticed the sign announcing it’s now under new management and I still didn’t go but about a month ago I was driving to a home inspection and had about 2 hours to spare so I decided to go and check out Highpoint Café & Restaurant!
My friends that are Hungarians are very passionate about their casseroles, meat stews, steaks, beef, roasted pork, poultry and lamb. The mixing of different varieties of meats is a traditional feature of Hungarian  and so is cuisine such as Goulash, stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes and stuffed cabbage.
One friend of mine is from Romania and others are from parts of Eastern Europe and they tell me it’s tradition to give.  Well, this is what it was like when I inside Highpoint Café & Restaurant!  It was like going home to my moms house..LOL.  IMG_7249If you love honest-to-goodness homemade meals then come HERE!  They have homemade crepes and huge breakfast options not to forget all the European varieties, they have something for everyone. Being family friendly restaurant just a few minutes south of Orangeville.  Their menu includes lots of local agriculture with all produce, eggs, and meat coming from farms in the area.
During my visit I had had a great chat with Micheline (the owner) and found her to be very accommodating, friendly and knowable about her dishes.
I was amazed by her wonderful menu and all the selections to choose from.  I had the cabbage roll, schnitzel and perogy plate (SO GOOD). I find that you don’t get home cooked food like this just anywhere.
One of the things I like about Highpoint Cafe is that everything is homemade and absolutely awesome! The second thing I like is that prices are VERY reasonable. The owner is lovely too and so it makes it all a great experience.  So in my opinion….Highpoint Cafe and Restaurant is a refreshing, well needed and different addition to the area.  So, if you are looking for the best, amazing Eastern European food, you have to eat here!
They also cater and do take out and host private evening events, from business meetings to children parties….I told you your going to be hooked 🙂
Here are just a few of the options you will find at Highpoint.
Shnitzel with mashed potatoes or potato salad, pasta with meatballs and smoked cheese, beef goulash with homemade dumplings,romanian fried donuts with feta cheese (langos), Hungarianpasta- sauté in garlic,smoked cheese,tenderloin pork with mush potatoes & veggies, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, ricotta & dill crepes, cinnamon rolls,Cremsnit (Napoleone) cake and other goodies,chocolate croissants and apple stride….ect…..and so much more 😉
Highpoint Cafe & Restaurant is located at 20092 Hurontario st, Caledon, Ontario L7K1W8 and you can reach them at (519) 942-2384 or connect with them on Facebook.

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  1. Yesterday was our third time here since discovering this place about nine months ago. I was born in Hungary and my friend is also of a Hungarian background. We took our wives with us this time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves… again. As customers, we tend to pay attention to the food – as long as the food is good we can overlook anything. Happily, we didn’t have to overlook anything and the food was great and plentiful. It is very Hungarian trait that you serve your guests large portions and “presentation” is secondary. Again, this place doesn’t disappoint as the servings are large. If you’re hungry, this is the place to go. I only have three regrets. I wish the place was larger and that we lived a little closer so that we could eat here more often. Also, the dishes we had begged for a glass or two of wine, but the place is not set up for alcohol, Still, I would recommend this place for anyone who appreciates good tasting food and generous portions

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