A Time To Vote, A Time For Change.

Vote for the future you want!!

Vote for the future you want!!

Please go out and VOTE Today.

Since this is my blog and since I live in a democratic society that we call Canada, I felt that I needed to express my thoughts.

My blog has helped lots of local business, new residences to Dufferin-Caledon, the locals and to others thinking about moving to our wonderful area.  Over the many years that I have lived here, been working as a Realtor here and hosting this Blog, many people have expressed how awesome Dufferin-Caledon is, with it’s many beautiful hiking trails, farmland, sunsets views, clean air and fresh water,  local shops restaurants and local food.

Dufferin-Caledon has always been a great place to raise a family.   I know because my family moved from the city.

I totally love what we have to offer here in Dufferin-Caledon.   I do know that we have some underlying problems in our county and it is up to US, the people to protect our resources and our way of life. We have had to fight the Mega Quarry with very little help from our local politicians.  It was a grassroots movement and we defeated it.

I think any party that accepts corporate donations is wrong! Big business and unions should not be donating to any political party.  It should be just you and I.

How can any political (PC,Liberal and NDP) party except donations from the aggregate industry or unions and then turn around and say that they represent the people of Dufferin-Caledon.  Where on earth is the logic is such an insane action!

Time for change is needed at a local level and we can be the change if we decide!

Albert Einstein Quote

Albert Einstein Quote

When did it become about the national party?  We need a local leader that returns phone calls, that is strong, that knows what is important at the local level and does the things that needs to be done for the people of the riding.

We need to vote for somebody who speaks for our local county at the Ontario province level.  time for change is upon us and I’m glad to be voting for change.

If we want to protect what we have then we better VOTE today otherwise we’ll lose it to the big multinational corporations.

So to my all my friends, acquaintances and the younger generation (you really need to vote), today is one of the most important voting days in Dufferin-Caledon since the Mega Quarry. Your vote will affect your hometown, protection of Class 1 farmland, fresh water, local development, the local economy, your children’s health, your homes monetary value, and the physical appearance of this beyond beautiful county with its rolling hills, best farmland, fresh rivers and streams, forests, clean air, and community values, it’s up to ALL of us to keep it that way!

Abstaining doesn’t send a message. Declining your ballot does not so you might as well vote for change… choose a candidate!

I’m telling you who I’m voting for (((((KARREN WALLACE)))) of the GREEN PARTY!  I saw a poll over the last few days that showed that the Green Party in Dufferin Caledon was at 34.1% and the PC at 36.5 ……Change is very close!   All I ask is that you to vote and make your voice be heard!

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