It’s Doughnut Day In Creemore



If you love doughnuts and don’t mind a 30 minute drive then I suggest that on Saturday morning you get your but over to Creemore by 11:00am they sell out very quickly!

Upscale doughnuts, with fresh ingredients and imaginative toppings, are everywhere in the city these days, but when you get north of Hwy 7 your not going to find anything, that is until you get to the town of Creemore.   Creemore Kitchen’s Caesar Guinto, a pastry chef  turned resultant co-owner, says he began making doughnuts for the love of it, not to follow a trend.

“I’ve  always loved doughnuts,” said Caesar. He started making doughnuts when he had a summer job at an Italian bakery in Mississauga. Selling simple glazed yeast doughnuts fresh every day, and making, frying and glazing the doughnuts was part of his day back then.  Today things have changed and now he gets to be creative in his own restaurant.

A number of years ago The New Farm in Clearview county asked him to take part in their annual Grow for The Stop fundraiser.  It’s a team effort between The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto and The New Farm. Chefs used used local, seasonal produce to create a signature dish.  So what did Caesar decided to take make?  Any guesses…LOL.  When opportunity comes knocking a cake doughnut using fresh beets from Fiddle Foot Farm, a CSA near Mansfield  is born ;).

The Beet Doughnut that started the Saturday Doughnut Craze!

The Beet Doughnut that started the Saturday Doughnut Craze!

The Creemore Kitchen Bakeshop offers fresh doughnuts every Saturday at 11:00am until 4:00pm.    They use local, seasonal ingredients and to tell you the truth…They are every bit as good as Glory Hole or Jelly’s Modern doughnuts and BETTER!   Their bakery is a awesome one room to the left when when first walk in and they have some amazing treats.

There are no Saturdays are the same so if you like the beet recipe you might have to wait a while or maybe make a special request ;).  The doughnuts sell fast as they have a very loyal following but really…all of their selections have been a solid hit with customers.  The doughnuts sell between 2.50 and 4.00 depending on the type.  Other things you’ll find in the bakery are these HUGE cookies different types of cakes, it’s a really neat place you can get a cup of coffee , tea or have a late.   It’s a really nice environment and the service is awesome.  Say hi to Sam and ask to meet Caesar as he will be at home in the kitchen working his magic!

Some of their Saturday doughnuts…Yum!
Cranberry dutchie Doughnut, Black Forest Doughnut ,Lemon Meringue Doughnut, Black Currant Tea Doughnut w/ a Milk Oolong Tea Glaze, Beet Cruller, Beet Doughnut, Creemore Kitchen Eclairs, Creemore Twist, Ginerbread Doughnut, Hot Chocolate Doughnut with Burnt Marshmallow Icing, Peanut Butter Frosted Bruleed Banana Candied Bacon Doughnut, B&W Gluten Free Doughnuts, Plum Jelly Doughnut, Chocolate Peppermint Crullers, Carrot Doughnut W/ Orange Cream Cheese Glaze, Lemon Verbena & Stevia Cruller with Lime Glaze, Cortland apple rings dipped in apple cake doughnut batter and fried…Caesar’s version of Apple Fritters, Pumpkin Doughnut

Creemore Kitchen Bakeshop, is located at 134 Mill Street, is open every day but Tuesday from 11 am to 4pm.   You can also connect with them on facebook

Cranberry dutchie Doughnut

Cranberry dutchie Doughnut

Beet Doughnut

Beet Doughnut

Peanut Butter Frosted Bruleed Banana Candied Bacon Doughnut!

Peanut Butter Frosted Bruleed Banana Candied Bacon Doughnut!

Hot Chocolate Doughnut with Burnt Marshmallow Icing

Hot Chocolate Doughnut with Burnt Marshmallow Icing







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