Having A Feast At Barb’s Country KITCHEN!

Barb's County KitchenSo yesterday didn’t start out as expected.

A client asked me to book a showing on a property!  Very simple right?  So, I booked it and off I went to meet them there.  Then came the phone call… “Dave, we got stuck in traffic in Toronto and its not looking to good, we’re going to turn around and go back home”.  I stood in the house told the owner what happened and back to the office I went, that was only after I looked around and thought…I think they are going to like this place.

On the way back to the office I decided to check out Barb’s County KITCHEN!

On highway 10 hidden behind mounds of snow is this cool little breakfast place.  They serve all day breakfast/lunch and I thought it would be a good time to go check them out 🙂

Once I got inside I was quickly greeted by a friendly smile and great service.  I was seated next to the window and presented with this massive menu! I took one look at it and I knew I was going to have a hard time deciding what to order.

IMG_6518After a few minutes of looking very confused and really not knowing what I wanted I called somebody over to sit down and help me figure it out.  As it turned out it was the owner Angelo :).  Who better ask!

The amount of food that you get is like something you would experience in the U.S.   To put this in simple to understand words… small amount of money and huge amount of food!

I ordered the Barb’s Breakie Feast!  It came  Homefries (all home made) with the toppings.. unbelievable toppings,  bacon, ham, sausages, peameal, three eggs, french toast, toast and fresh fruit.  It even came with pancakes!!!  The meal was  absolutely awesome.!!!!!  I also got the cinnamon French toast that was also unbelievable delicious it was a total surprise, everything was just right!

IMG_6522Something else I thought was awesome was that everything is home made!   Really everything is homemade right there in the kitchen they even make their own bread, how amazing is that!  Now if they can’t make it in-house then they have somebody local make it for them.

Lots of diners say that they serve All Day Breakfast, but finding a place that serves homemade food at a fair price and a clean kitchen and dinning room can be hard to find. I think Angelo and Barb have really hit on something here and I encourage anybody who hasn’t been here to come and try their food.  Because honestly for $3.99 to get eggs and bacon I don’t know how many places you can go to get that.

What else will you find when you come to eat here?  Angelo comes from New York and he has the accent to prove it, he’s a friendly guy who really cares about his customers and he expects a lot from his staff.  He encourages his staff to talk with their customers and get to know them, it’s a real family atmosphere and he wants people to come and experience a great dining experience, great food and enjoy themselves.   I don’t know how many diners I’ve been into that aren’t clean but Barb’s Country KITCHEN is very clean!

I’m definitely coming back, make sure you come hungry!






Barb’s Country Kitchen is located at 634041 Highway 10, Mono, ON.  You can reach them at  519-938-8282 or connect with them on Facebook
Hours of Operation:
 Monday – Saturday: 6:30am – 3:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am – 3:00pm
Delivery (daily) 8:00am – 3:00pm

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