I Can’t Watch! I think I Might Be Sick…OMG!

Notice….This has nothing to do about Orangeville or the 365 Things To Do….It has everything to do with what people really DO NOT need to do!!!

I’ve never been afraid of heights, that was until I saw this video!  I thought I was going to lose my lunch…. so scary but the part where they stand up and do the Hi five thing made my whole body shake.   I just about lost it, I really really thought that I was going to pass out.  I’ve never been afraid of heights but wow this is a whole other type of scary moment of insanity!!!

I found the (translated) description: Few months ago me and dedmaxopka planned to travel to Chinese largest cities, starting from Hong Kong and ending in Shanghai. Our main goal was the tallest construction in the world – Shangha Tower, which is still under construction, it’s height is little over 650 metres at the moment, which makes it second tallest building after Burj Khalifa in Emirates.

Knowing about strict Chinese laws, we prepared quite thoroughly for this and chose the most approriate date – Chinese New Year. During this holiday security was less vigilant, there were no workers on the site and construction cranes didn’t work. We sneaked into the site during the midnight, then climbed 120 flours for two hours and had to sleep almost 18 hours on the site waiting for a good weather. Source : Raskalov

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