Why would I eat at Caruso Gourmet Pizza?

Caruso Pizza

Caruso Pizza

Because it’s amazing!!! That’s why!

Finding a house to buy in Bolton can be harder then you think.  Short supply and and lots of demand.  After a long but fun day of showing houses to a wonderful family from Toronto It was time for something to eat…This post is from last year, I’m just getting around to publishing it today…time flies when your having fun :).

So where did I take them?

Caruso Gourmet Pizza is definitely the most famous pizza joint north of the GTA, and for good reason. This is definitely my top recommendation for out-of-towners; the pizza is fantastic, and the location on Queen Street in south Bolton is very easy to find. They even have a drive-thru, so you don’t have to wait to long to get a slice (or whole pizza) on busy nights.

Their new location (they have been here for years now but I still refer to it as the new location..LOL) offers a great space for anyone with a large groups or if your like me and are working in different places all the time your either going to be with clients or by your self…like I said there is lot of tables 😉

Their menu has been expanded to include a lot and I mean lots of pizzas (32 different types) and Lavazza specialty coffees (it’s soooooo good).  If you have a sweet tooth then


your in luck..they have a sweet selection are food and drink that I think you will like. Wireless internet (Wi-Fi enabled) is all so available if your looking to get online.

Not many places are open seven days a week but they are :).  So what type of experience do they provide people..hmm, lets see…. “Awesome, fresh food that would satisfy j

According  to their web site their roots go back to the 80’s.  Read below
ust about any palette, great service but it can be iffy from time to time (new staff being trained and all ;)), wonderful coffee, clean dinning room, friendly service and in the summer they even grow their own food…how cool is that!

The roots of Caruso Gourmet Pizza trace back to a small rental unit in Bolton in 1980. There Dina and Domenic Caruso began their small business venture. Their objective was simple: provide people with wholesome, fresh food that would satisfy just about any palette. For years,they worked out of that small space, but as demand grew so did their ambitions and the slow but steady evolution of Caruso Gourmet Pizza began. Dina and Domenic moved their business around Bolton. Each location represented the metamorphosis of the business. The once simple nine ingredient pizza list developed into a 50 plus ingredient list. Domenic crafted his culinary talent by developing delicious ingredient combinations that transformed “regular” pizza into a gourmet experience. Thus, a new direction was hatched.

Throughout the years, the continual hard work by this team has made Caruso Gourmet Pizza more than a restaurant, but an institution. The Caruso’s have seen their customers grow from children to parents, who now bring in their own children in for a slice. Accolades have come accordingly. Caruso Gourmet Pizza has won best pizza in the golden horseshoe, as well as best pizza in the GTA

IMG_6662 by Breakfast Television. Both Dina and Domenic acknowledge that their supportive clientele has allowed them the creative freedom to evolve. The launch of the new venture is in response to the dedicated customers who wantedmore. Caruso Gourmet Pizza and Café Latte is an all encompassing venture which incorporates their famous pizza, with wholesome Italian dishes, and delicious desserts and coffees. The fundamental objective is still the same: provide people with wholesome, fresh food that would satisfy just about any palette. Dina and Domenic trust that this step in their evolution will live up to the Caruso name and deliver what the customers have come to expect.












IMG_6680 IMG_6684

Caruso’s is located at 212 Queen Street South, Bolton, ON and can be reached at 905-951-8888.  You can visit their website or connect with them on Facebook

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