2013 Year In Review – 81 Things To Know Plus….

2013 Year In ReviewAs 2013 comes to its conclusion, I would like to wish you all a (belated) Merry Christmas and (right on time) Happy New Year. The new year always gives me an opportunity to reflect and celebrate on the past year and start getting excited thinking about the new one that is just a day away.

365 Things To Do In Orangeville and Dufferin County continued to provide new blog posts throughout all of 2013. It’s become a great place to share my thoughts about the new places that have opened and other cool places that might not be in Dufferin but close enough to go day tripping :).   We had 81 new blog posts this year with 21 food and drink related, lots of hiking, news and event posts as well as 19 Day Tripping ones ;).

So today I decided I would post my 2013 year in review.  A look back at what new stores opened, closed and moved and what where the movers and shakers on the blog.

So here we go.  The Top Visited posts from this year.  The posted that don’t have a Day xx next to it are posted that happened after the 365 things to do in Orangeville came to an end in May of 2012.  Since then I have continued to explore and write about things to do, see, eat, visit or hike in and around Dufferin County.

Top Visited posts of 2013

Day 42 of 365 – Philadelphia Kitchen 1,672
Mill Creek Pub Is Now Open 1,396
Indian Food Comes To Orangeville – Coriander Kitchen 1,144
Day 320 of 365 – Nuclear Bomb Shelter “Ark Two” 993
Jungle Oasis Playground 923
Day 6 of 365 – Pine River Provincial Fishing Area In Mulmur 761
 The Newest Restaurant In Orangeville – The Barley Vine Rail Co. 745
Son of a Chef Opens in Orangeville 684
Day 136 of 365 – Sweet Peas Pumpkein Fest & Haunted Corn Maze 591


  1. Day 165 of 365 – Dufferin Outdoor Supply – MOVED
  2. Day 52 of 365 – Sideroads Restaurant – Closed
  3. The Shed Coffee Bar – Closed
  4. Day 298 of 365 – Icarus Skate and Snow – Closed
  5. The Best Chocolate Milkshake – Steen’s Dairy Bar – Closed
  6. Day 246 of 365 – Rebekha Sushi Japanese Restaurant – Closed
  7. The Vibe Restaurant And Sports Lounge – Opened then Closed and became Una Mas

Food & Drink

  1. Mexican Food North Of Hwy 7 – Una Mas
  2. Hyland Fish And Chips – Serving Great Fish and Fried Chicken
  3. Christmas Trees At Drysdale’s Village
  4. The Thrid Act – Pia’s On Broadway Is Reborn
  5. The Newest Restaurant In Orangeville – The Barley Vine Rail Co.
  6. The New Kid On The Block – Golden Wok Chinese Food
  7. Butcher Furniture
  8. Seasonal, Local and Sometimes Organic – Creemore Kitchen
  9. Another Cafe? Sweet Tarts Cafe Is Different!
  10. Terra Nova Public House Restaurant and Pub
  11. The Poutine Joint
  12. Son of a Chef Opens in Orangeville
  13. Main Street Cafe
  14. Hands On Catering and Specialties
  15. The Big Red Food Trailer
  16. Down The Rabbit Hole – The Mad Hatter Is Back
  17. Indian Food Comes To Orangeville – Coriander Kitchen
  18. Fieldstones Coffee & Tea Lounge
  19. FORAGE Restaurant
  20. The Problem With Cake Pops…
  21. Where Do I Eat On New Year’s Day in Orangeville 2013?

News or Community Stuff

  1. Orangeville Skyline circa 1987, 1997 & 2003
  2. The ‘Freak Out’ Festival Of 1969 – Rock Hill Park
  3. Shelburne 2013 Santa Claus Parade
  4. First 2013 Snowfall in Dufferin County
  5. Orangeville 2013 Santa Claus Parade Today!
  6. Empowering Our Youths
  7. Food & Water First GPS Tour & Scavenger Hunt in North Dufferin County
  8. Food and Water First Event
  9. Rodeo Time In The Valley
  10. Centre Road in Mulmur – Part of the Bruce Trail
  11. Whitfield, smaller than it was but not forgotten
  12. Mulmur Hills L38
  13. Orangeville Tourism Centre
  14. Orangeville Rodeo this weekend
  15. The Mulmur Escape – The Noisy River Trail
  16. It’s Orangeville’s 150th Birthday Party
  17. Shelburne 2013 Canada Day Celebrations
  18. Canada Day in Orangeville
  19. KABOOM Fireworks
  20. Official Opening of The Island Lake Boardwalk
  21. 1st Annual 365 Things To Do In Orangeville and Dufferin County Scavenger Hunt!
  22. The 11th Annual Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival
  23. Orangeville Then And Now
  24. Orangeville Photo of The Day
  25. Orangeville Home Show
  26. Jungle Oasis Playground
  27. Soulyve’s TV Debute on You Gotta Eat Here
  28. After 50 Years Is Shelburne Next?
  29. What Does The Future of Orangeville Look Like?
  30. Tobogganing In The Town Mono
  32. Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea
  33. Big Daddy’s falls victim to economy?
  34. What’s Next for Shelburne??
  35. Remembering Orange Lawrence
  36. Brown Snow in Dufferin
  37. Orangerville Lions Sports Pad
  38. 65 Things To See In Orangeville and Dufferin County
  39. Opportunities In A Small Town
  40. Holy Snow Fort
  41. New Year’s Day 2013 Event In Grand Valley – The 18th Annual Polar Bear Dip

Day Tripping

  1. Day Tripping Outside of Dufferin County 9 of 50 – Riverdale Park’s Adventure Playground
  2. Day Tripping In Toronto – Holy Chuck Burgers
  3. Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 7 of 50 – Leslieville Cheese Market & Fine Foods
  4. Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 6 of 50 – Peasemarsh Farms Restaurant
  5. Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 5 of 50 – Old Baldy Lookout
  6. Alba Lisa All Natural Mexican Food
  7. Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 3 of 50 – McGowan Falls
  8. Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 2 of 50 – Riverside Fish and Chips
  9. Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 1of 50 – Eugenia Falls
  10. Hoggs Falls
  11. The Flying Spatula
  12. Belfountain Conservation Area
  13. Baileys Ice Cream
  14. Baffo’s Pizza & Pasta
  15. Spirit Tree Estate Cidery
  16. Flapjacks Family Restaurant now Caledon Family Restaurant
  17. Caledon Snowfest – Family Day
  18. Every Small Town Needs a Coffee Shop – The Grackle Coffee Company
  19. bistro Burger Joint

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