Mexican Food North Of Hwy 7 – Una Mas

Una Mas

****Updated Jan 31 2014*** They have Closed for Good.  Sorry to see another go so fast.

I have a client that owns a condo in Mexico and a house in Orangeville.  I was helping his brother’s family move from Toronto to Orangeville and a few months ago we all went in to check out the new Una Mas – Mexican Inspired Cantina after a long day of showing.  Wow, what a change.

When someone walks into Una Mas they will feel like they’ve walked into a Mexican resort.   Say what you will about the rapid switch from the Vibe to Una Mas and all the rumours what come with something like this in a small town but I’ve eat’in here twice now and each time was a very pleasant experience.  It’s clean, the service was great and the decor is really something to check out.



It’s a  fun Mexican getaway in Orangeville that I think everyone might agree with and something that is needed in Orangeville.  We have lots of places to eat and if your going to stand out then what better way then going Mexican…LOL

On the menu you will find things like regular Nachos and the Fish Tacos,  Antihitios to the Chicken Quesadillas.  The drinks are very Mexican with all different kinds of  margaritas.   The cherry margarita or a banana margarita is defiantly something you might want to try or if your looking for something even more wild then try the lime margarita with a corona upside down inside of it called the BULLDOG. People will always complain about prices and service , I really don’t know why but I guess everyone has their opinion (just like me..LOL) but don’t base it on one night out and one server.  Give it a try I sooo recommend this IMG_4801restaurant for a fun, relaxing night out if your looking for a unique adventure.  They even have GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS!

“Una Mas (Spanish for one more, once more or one more time) was the chosen name so everything would have a Mexican flavour.”

IMG_5054Can’t afford to take a week off and fly to Mexico? I guess the next best thing for the people in Dufferin County would be to bring what might be an authentic Mexican restaurant to the east end of Orangeville’s Broadway, in what has been best known as TJ’s Hangar for years.  Your not going to find a crazy drinking watering hole, but you will find a awesome place to eat and enjoy some salsa dancing on Thursday nights I think.  Oh, yeah don’t forget the margaritas.

They are open 11:30am Wednesday to Thursday until 11 p.m and on Sat and Sun they are open late for the 25+ year old crowds.  They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Una Mas Mexican Restaurant  located at  35 Broadway,  Orangeville,  ON and can be reached at 519-307-7707 or you can connect with them on their facebook page


IMG_5040 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5045 IMG_5051

Fried Cheese Cake

Fried Cheese Cake

IMG_5048 IMG_5049 IMG_5050

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