Hyland Fish And Chips – Serving Great Fish and Fried Chicken


Sometimes things happen for a reason and yesterday was a perfect example of that.  My friend and I went to Hyland Fish & Chips in Shelburne and had a early lunch.  He mentioned he would take me out whenever I we where both in town.  He did and oh man the Chicken was awesome (I’ve had the Halibut before it and it was awesome as well).  A Shelburne visitor shouldn’t miss.  They’ve been here for 14 years so I think they know what they are doing ;).

Driving into the parking lot is a bit crazy since the plaza is under construction to make way for Tim Hortons.

Also, don’t be disgusted when someone orders the mushy peas ; they may look like baby mush but wait until you taste them.  What can I say…I’m British.

My friend ordered the fish special combo ($6.50). The chicken special combo that I ordered came with fries and potato salad and a side order of the mushy peas :). I was hungry huh?  I guess we really had some cravings.

IMG_5532Hyland Fish & Chips make every effort to keep their prices and portion sizes very competitive. If you compare their Halibut and chips to other establishments, you will find that they offer their meal option at a price between $11.75 to 13.50. The price for the same meal at Hyland Fish and Chips is only 10.99. So, if your looking for a great meal at great prices then you might want to check out  Hyland Fish and Chips (and chicken).  They seat 32 people but if you don’t want to say then take out is always an option.

Hyland serves Great Fish and Fried Chicken (519) 925-0311 and they are located at the Esso Station at the intersection of hwy 124 and hwy 89.

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