The Newest Restaurant In Orangeville – The Barley Vine Rail Co.


A few weeks back after listing an awesome detached home for sale I was on my way back to the RE/MAX office when I decided that I needed lunch in a bad way!  So I called a few friends and 20 minutes later we were walking into Orangeville’s newest “place to be restaurant” The Barley Vine Rail Co., that the owners have selfdefined as a ‘Canadian Bistro’.Canadian Bistro & Pub!

The Barley Vine Rail co. is located in downtown Orangeville, the historic Orangeville Rail Station built in the late 1800’s and after numerous restaurants and sushi bar it is now is the home of The Barley Vine Rail co.

The local cuisine may not be the first sort of restaurant that would come to mind when dining in Orangeville, but with the surrounding plethora of unique places, its locale is reminiscent of a typical neighborhood brasserie mingled amongst shops on Broadway but on a forgotten back lane street.

It’s a destination eating experience and social hangout sort of place, featuring a casual atmosphere that, when you come arrive, you’ll eat some awesome food with friends, order some cocktails, wine and craft beer, and enjoy some amazing local and no local live entertainment on weekends.

I found that this is a great place to come in a small group but if you have a larger group then sitting at the front will provide you with lots of space.

IMG_4919Sitting at our table I was seeing all this amazing food come out of the kitchen I couldn’t help but think that they strive for quality and freshness because it looked very very good, for that they would have to work with local farmers to create the best food possible. Our server told that Chef Cooney’s philosophy is: “Nothing out of a can.” and thats very different from other places I’ve eaten at. Making their own ketchup in-house and even their mayonnaise is very cool.

Their appetizers looked awesome and their desserts are mini-mini ones, so you can try a few different ones and not get to full.

After a long time of reviewing the menu, my friend decided to order the deepfried pickles appetizer and when I looked around I found others had ordered the same thing…It must be the number one seller we were told.  I tried one and I then felt that I ordered the wrong appetizer..I was soooo good!

They also have dishes called the Barn Yard Poutine, beer-battered perch, Wild Boar Tourtiere, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Bison Burgers, Pickerel  a chicken thigh and breast dish and so much more but I thought the Bison Burger served with duck fat fries, BVR ketchup, beer mustard, roasted garlic aioli would make for a good lunch.

IMG_4920The burger itself wasn’t too large and was held together by a rather remarkable bun. But the bison patty was amazingly soft and light. Hot off the grill, it tastes superb and despite being smaller than what I’d prefer, it’s surprisingly filling. There’s something to be said for freshly ground and grilled bison beef. Om nom nom.

The fries here are sliced skinny and are tasty. I like my fries crispy and a bit thick, and I was happy with the result. It’s just a matter of preference I guess.

Almost full and needing to get to the office and do some paperwork, our server comes over with the desert menu!  The best part of this was that their desserts are mini-desserts.  So we each pick the ones we wanted…such as: S’MORES POT DE CRÈ, WARM BUTTER TART, PANNA COTTA PARFAIT, MOCHA CRÈME BRÛLÉE, PUMPKIN STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING! They where all amazing.

So, overall I thought that BVR did an awesome job at getting me to return.  The food was awesome, service was great and the casual atmosphere warm and inviting.  So come check them out 🙂

The Barley Vine Rail co. is located at 35 Armstrong Street Orangeville and you can reach them at (519) 942-3400, visit their website or connect with them on facebook

BVR Dinning Room IMG_4916 IMG_4915 IMG_4914 IMG_4913 IMG_4912 IMG_4917 IMG_4918 IMG_4921 IMG_4911

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