Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 6 of 50 – Peasemarsh Farms Restaurant


Finding a place to eat while living in the country is one thing, finding a restaurant that has a gluten free menu is a journey in the worst way.

I don’t think one can appreciate just how difficult the life of the celiac is until one has walked a mile or two in their gluten-free shoes. It’s one thing to enjoy gluten-free products as a matter of dietary balance, it’s quite another to be physically dependant upon the diet. Due to a mild wheat allergy (not celiac disease), I’ve gone gluten free.

I do notice a difference and it’s enough for me to justify going permanently gluten-free. As a result of these dietary experiments, I do appreciate the day-to-day dining struggles faced by the celiac sufferer. And thankfully for them, and for those of us who like these products, there are a couple great paces in and around Dufferin County.

IMG_1540For starters, while I was showing houses in Flesherton during the summer I came across this awesome little restaurant called Peasemarsh Farms.  The place was amazing, Chris who is a trained chef makes take out orders to frozen foods and all the products are gourmet, as well he supplies Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Nut Free. It’s Just Amazing…On all levels 🙂

If someone wants to order take out for themselves or a group then you really need to check Peasemarsh Farms.  The soup, sandwiches and salads are awesome! The food is delicious fresh as well as unique.  Chris the owner is very pleasant and helpful.

I would recommend Peasemarsh Farm for any take out meals you may need.

I think cities are farther along in the gluten-free trend than in the country but this little jewel was a BIG win for me and my clients!!

Peasemarsh Farms is located at 10 Sydenham Street, Flesherton, Ontario, Canada, they can be reached at 519-924-2499 or visit their website

IMG_1546 IMG_1549 IMG_1542

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  1. When our aunty visited a few month back they loved visiting your place, they recommended it infact!

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