Day Tripping Outside Of Dufferin County Part 5 of 50 – Old Baldy Lookout


A few months ago, yes, I’m only getting to this now, I was showing homes in the Beaver Valley, to my clients of mine from Toronto.

I haven’t been up that way for awhile. So on the 6 hour drive around the area, we stopped for coffee in Flesherton, Markdale and Kimberly. We had lunch at a VERY cool place called the The Bicycle Cafe but I will leave that for a different post ;).

When we finished up for the day I decided to take them to the Old Baldy Lookout.  It’s a killer sunset spot but we had to hurry as the sun was starting to set…Yikes….

So what’s the deal with old Baldy anyway….

IMG_2523 Well, Old Baldy is on the eastern rim of the Beaver Valley and has an arch-shaped dome of hard Amabel dolostone illustrating the changes formed by the processes of erosion both past and present. It was highly glaciated during the ice age and the valley was widened and made smooth by the large rivers of ice that went by.  The soft under layers of the escarpment were eroded by glaciers and left the harder dolostone cap on top.  As large blocks of rock are separating it from the main cliff, Old Baldy is gradually separating itself from the main escarpment.

The highest point of the mountain is 1,475 feet above sea level and its sheer cliff has a vertical drop of 100 feet illustrating one of the most dramatic changes in elevation in Grey County.  The total drop from the top of the mountain to the valley floor is 750 feet. and is one of the most scenic and significant sections of the escarpment…I’m not kidding!

To reach the lookout for a spectacular view of the area below, turn off Grey Road 13 onto Euphrasia Sideroad 6-7 near Talisman Ski Resort.  You will be entering a 72 hectare conservation area that is managed by the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.  You can also reach this area from Sideroad 3-4 that runs up the valley south of Kimberley.  There is parking but few facilities; except it does offer beautiful scenery and impressive views.

IMG_2518We decided to get in and out as quick as possible because the day was getting long and there was not much light left.  It’s would be a shame to get to the lookout and have no light…LOL

It will take approximately 15 minutes to walk through the woods of Maple, Oak and Birch trees.  During the spring and summer you may also see ferns and flowers and when you reach the lookout a spectacular view of the valley. You will see fields, forest, ski hills and the Village of Kimberley.  You may also see some turkey vultures as they soar off the rim of escarpment.  This area can also be reached from the Bruce Trail Access simply by following the white blazes across the meadow and through the woods. Of course if you are hiking you won’t want to stop here ; this is only the first lookout point but I didn’t have anymore daylight or time left ;).

The Panoramic views across the Beaver Valley are incredible and it’s worth the drive!

IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2516 IMG_2515 IMG_2520


In this area, the Bruce Trail passes through Old Baldy Conservation Area, managed by the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA). GSCA does not charge access or parking fees for Old Baldy Conservation Area.

Directions: From Toronto

  • Take 401 west to Highway 10.
  • Hwy 10 north to Flesherton.
  • Turn right (east) on Hwy 4. At Grey Rd 13 turn left (north). Continue past Eugenia Emporium.
  • Turn right (east) on Artemesia/Euphrasia Townline.Turn left (north) on 3rd Line.
  • Turn left (west) on Sideroad 7B. Watch for parking lot on left.

Directions : From Hwy 26

  • Take Hwy 13 South to just past the Beaver Valley Lookout.
  • Turn left (east) at Artemesia/Euphrasia Townline. Turn left (north) on 3rd Line
  • Turn left (west) on Sideroad 7B. Watch for parking lot. Just where the road heads down into the Beaver Valley at a sharp right hand turn, go straight ahead to the Old Baldy Parking Lot.

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