Alba Lisa All Natural Mexican Food

IMG_4716Sometimes I find myself in new places speaking with business owners between appointments.  So, yesterday I was in Alliston at a place called AlbaLisa All Natural Mexican Food.  Now I know it might be a mouth full to say but hear me out.  Over the last 6 weeks I have been eating very differently than I was when I stated this blog.  How differently you ask?  Well I’m Wheat Free (Gluten Free), Dairy Free, Soy Free and 98% Meat Free, Ok so call me a vegetarian if you will but over that time I have lots 30 lbs!  It takes work and dedication and but for the most part it works.  The hardest part is when I’m out showing houses or between appointments so when I found Alba Lisa…..I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was.

It is my pleasure to announce that Alba Lisa All Natural Mexican Food has opened their doors for business in Allistion.  They had a place in Toronto but wanted to move their business closer to home.


AlbaLisa is a Canadian Gourmet Food company that is dedicated to producing “all natural gourmet Mexican products” to customers who are willing to pay a little extra for fresh, organic and preservative free products (NO GMO).   AlbaLisa has a line of organic corn and wheat flour tortillas, a line of artisan organic tortilla crisps that are made from fresh wholegrain corn tortillas, and a line of fresh salsas packaged in an innovative style.  AlbaLisa products can be found at high end, gourmet and specialty stores across Toronto and the GTA and the southwest part of Ontario.  They make all their food and chips right here in Alliston…How cool it that!!

IMG_4719Inside is new, fresh and the staff is very friendly but the food is awesome.  They also serve lunch from 11:30 to 2:30pm (take out only).  If your looking for Mexican food north of the city then this is the place. Now the best part is that their chips and dip are Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free and they don’t have 20 mystery ingredients.  It’s REAL FOOD.

Also they have prepared food that is AWESOME!  I had their soup today. never before have I been able to sit down at the table and say that this is truly fantastic soup that I did’t have to make!

Their tortilla crisps are made with certified organic, certified gluten free and wholegrain premium corn flour. We fry them in small batches and use only sunflower oil. Their crisps are seasoned with sea salt and Mexican chilli and are amazing!!!!!

They are located at the lights in Alliston Next to Wild Wings (paris Street)on the northside of Victoria street (hwy 89).  They can be reached at 647-346-1463 or connect with them on facebook and they are open 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.


IMG_4712 IMG_4718 IMG_4721

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  1. Glad to hear it! Alas, I just passed by there earlier today and missed it. I go through Alliston every two weeks and will certainly drop in to enjoy!! Thanks for your column, once more!

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