Whitfield, smaller than it was but not forgotten

IMG_3569This post is for you John (from Toronto).  We where in the area looking a some houses and my client really liked how the township acknowledges it’s past.

If your the type of person that likes history, churches and old pioneer cemeteries then this community at the Junction of the 5th sideroad and Centre Line (Hurontario Street) in Mulmur might be up your ally :).

It was once called Beech Nut corners. When Lavender (North Dufferin) was settled the road became a access from south to north.

Later it derived name from a family of bush squatters who occupied Lot t 11 on the 10th sideroad named  Whitley.  Plans for the community were laid out in in the 1820’s by Hug Campbell and James Whitley.

In 1884 the population grow to over 100 people and had 3 stores, 2 sawmills, blacksmith shop, lime kiln, school, 3 churches, post office and 2 taverns.  Today the  Whitfield Church is active during the summer months and for special occasions.   The church has a cemetery with lots of the early settlers buried there.

Many of the current Whitfield area residents trace their roots back four and five generations to the earliest of the settlers.

IMG_3570 IMG_3571 IMG_3572 IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3575 IMG_3580

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