Mulmur Hills L38

IMG_3557Well today I found sometime to go for a hike on part of the Bruce Trail that I had not been on before.  This time I was dressed for the outdoors 🙂

Starting at the top or 2nd line and 8th sideroad in Mulmur a few Kms up from hwy 89, the gravel road descends down 2nd Line past a house on the right side.  It has a long long gradual downward slope. Continuing ahead, you will hike through mixed brush and down a steep hill but before you start your way down you will see a old abandoned truck to your left.

The trail opens up into a clearing and you’ll walk over the bridge or the Boyne river then you’ll go up again and enter the cedar woods before descending IMG_3563and then climbing up to a more open area.  If you look to the left you will see the remains of the old Mulmur Hut.  I didn’t go to close because the boards still have rusty old NAILS in them…  STAY AWAY from the pile of wood!!!  It must have fallen down in the last 4 years since this photo was taken (see below)

IMG_3560Continuing ahead, the trail presents some great lookouts over the valley and the farms in the distance. I didn’t hike down to the end because I got a call from a client wanting to put in an offer on a great looking home.  Maybe next time…LOL!  So I hiked back the same way I came :(.



IMG_0364 IMG_0369 IMG_0389

IMG_3523 IMG_3529

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  1. Thats unfortunate Mulmur Sleep Hut is now collapsed. I took that photo in 2009 during my Bruce Trail through hike.

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