The Mulmur Escape – The Noisy River Trail


Sometime I’m not very prepared!  Going for a hike while wearing work shoes is not very smart but that’s want happend after I finished showing a client some houses in north Dufferin the other week.

I had to ask myself why do people hike? Is it simply a holdover from our wanderings when we were hunting and gathering? After all, humans and prehumans didn’t exactly have mass transit. Walking was a necessity. If a tribe wanted to relocate to greener pastures, there was only one way to do it.

Even if part of our desire to walk the Earth is hardwired, there’s also the obvious — the beauty of Mother Nature. Vistas and waterfalls, giant old growth trees and rolling hills aren’t typically visible from the interior of your car. And even when they are, it’s not the same as feeling the earth beneath your feet and standing on the edge of the cliff. There’s also a simplicity in putting everything you need to live on your back and walking into the woods to commune with your surroundings. With no distractions or modern conveniences, you can learn a lot about yourself on a hike. Here is one of the new hiking spots Mulmur has to offer.

IMG_2924The newly acquired Noisy River Stewardship Property Is amazing for hiking and snowshoeing.  There are some parts that take you down into the valley where it will be very buggy but the noisy river is stunning and well worth checking out.  If you use some Off bug repellant you’ll be fine.
There are lots of hills, and it might be muddy in places the lower to the river you are but in some places like the pine, cedar and evergreen trees it feels like your in a sound proof room.  You can’t hear a sound other than you heart rate!

The trail is only 3Km long but over time they might create more to take advantage of the awesome and peaceful environment.  It took me 42 minutes to complete it because I would stop of a bit and take it all in 🙂

IMG_2868The 81 acre property use to be part of the Etobicoke Board of Education’s Outdoor Education Centre. After Metro amalgamation, the property became surplus and not used. I think this is one of the smartest purchases the BTC has made in recent years.  It even has the Noisy River flowing right through it. Access to the property is on the Mulmur-Clearview townline.

Anyone wanting to hike can park  along the south side of the property on the Mulmur-Clearview town-line.

IMG_2948 IMG_2943

IMG_2942 IMG_2941 IMG_2935 IMG_2933 IMG_2932 IMG_2931 IMG_2925 IMG_2922 IMG_2919 IMG_2916 IMG_2914

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