The Poutine Joint


Poutine JointUpdated September 2015

*******Sorry To Say But They Have Sold The Trailers To Someone Else********


While out showing homes in Mansfield the other day I came across something that you don’t see much of north of the city.

In Toronto there’s no shortage of food trucks and trailers but once you get north of the city, you end up seeing more and more COWS!

You’ll can get burgers, sausages, hot dog,  fries and poutine at other food trucks closer to Toronto and Barrie but until you’ve had poutine at The Pountine Joint you don’t know what your missing.

IMG_6632Canada’s poutine is already decadent, featuring cheese curds and gravy usually poured over French fries.  This is where The Poutine Joint comes in to honor our Canadian’ cultural diversity and “adventurous… tastes.” Poutine is a French-Canadian dish that’s the Quebecois equivalent of comfort food, dousing french fries and cheese curds in gravy, but can be dressed up or down.

IMG_6627The Poutine Joint is fired up from Thursday to Sunday from May till October.  They are  located at the four corners of Mansfeild in Dufferin County about 30 minutes north East of Orangeville Ontario on Airport road.  Their  40ft food trailer is a site of sore eyes after a few hrs of driving from the city to the cottage.

The owners of Bistro Burger Joint, and Bistro seven seven seven also own The Pountine Joint and they serve all the same 10 poutines!  but they seem in taste better when you get them from a food trailer, outside on a dirt lot…LOL

They have a small size and large can come with a lid it you can’t eat it all.  I didn’t have a problem with the Born and Braised…It ROCKED! Of the 10 they serve I’m sure you’ll find something that work for you so come on out and try it for yourself.  Or better yet, email me and we’ll go see some houses first to get the appetite going then dive in and fill the belly…LOL

Oh yeah one more thing…They even have picnic tables with umbrellas so you don’t have to stand or eat in your car 😉



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  1. This chip truck USED TO BE amazing. I just drove to eat there again and found out it was purchased by new owners…. DO NOT EAT THERE ANYMORE!!!! The new owners are a joke! They are completely uneducated when it comes to food allergies and sensitivities. The quality of their products are poor and cheap. My boyfriend was finished his large poutine (even though we asked for a medium I was charged and served a large) before my sister and I were even served our small poutines. They have a microwave in their truck so needless to say things are not as fresh as they should be. Overall the quality and service provided by the new owners of this chip truck is a major disappointment compared to what it used to be when the previous owners had it. I wish they came back. It was so great because the man was educated and knew what gluten free is… Considering I have celiac disease this is not a matter I take lightly. These new owners are pathetic. I’m embarrassed for them and I don’t imagine their business will last very long. I’ll never be back.

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