Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

IMG_1039I find it hard to believe I hadn’t yet covered Spirit Tree Estate Cidery here on 365 Things To Do In Orangeville and Dufferin County. This Cidery serves some great food and I’m told wonderful cider too. Since I’m not a cider drinker I was going to take my friends word but that would not be fair. My friend and I had their Apelager Cider (3%) and it was awesome. The vibe inside is very cool and relaxed. Just what you look for in a neighborhood cidery (not that I’ve ever been in one before..LOL). I decided to have the celery soup and it was great. Very light and not to filling. The size itself isn’t too large but just the right size to enjoy. My friend had red pepper soup and it looked wonderful too.

IMG_1025Their menu says they have pizza Fridays every week and from some of the people that I have spoken to they all agree that it’s some of the best around. One of these days I’ll have to order it to see if I agree.

The creative minds at Spirit Tree had lot’s of ideas and one off them was. Why not use all the Ontario apples that grow on their 10 acres, press and IMG_1015ferment them into sparkling hard cider? Delicious! They’ve been bottling cider for a couple of years, and they allow you to tasting each type before you place an order.

Spirit Tree is a food-lover’s destination in a unique straw bale building. Sweet apple cider and pub-style hard cider. Wood-fired stone oven bakery producing artisan breads, pies and pastries. Ontario cheeses, produce & preserves. Tasting room & patio and lot’s of art work is available for sale on the walls. They also have tours on the how the cider is made.

IMG_1009The Bakery is very cool. They bake in the old European style, using natural starters and slow fermentation. All of their breads are hand crafted and hearth baked daily in our wood-fired oven. The result is a flavourful, artisan loaf. No artificial preservatives are ever used.

IMG_1031The fire is started directly in the oven the night before they bake and allowed to burn for 10-12 hours. The ash is swept out and the floor of the oven mopped. Their loaves are baked directly on the hearth creating a superior crust and exceptional flavour. The heat retained in the thick masonry of the oven allows them to bake continuously throughout the day.   If you don’t buy one after reading this then the aroma will when you walk in..LOL!

Hours of operation:
Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm
Thursday 10 am – 5 pm
Friday 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

They are located at 137 Boston Mills Road, Caledon and can be reached at (905) 838-2530 or you can connect with them on facebook


IMG_1013 IMG_1017 IMG_1028 IMG_1021 IMG_1016

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