Down The Rabbit Hole – The Mad Hatter Is Back

IMG_0616When people who grew up in Orangeville in the ’90-2000s talk about their younger years, one thing inevitably comes up: The Mad Hatter. “Did you go there? Was it real?” And when people who did not live in Orangeville during the 1990s or even 2 years ago overhear us talking about the place, they always think we’re making it up. Yet even those of us who went to party at The Mad Hatter wonder if it wasn’t actually some collective hallucination or just all the beers 🙂

IMG_0617the mad hatterWell after the closing of the Hatter 2 years ago and the opening of Ruby Pier, it’s great to see The Hatter back under the same roof next to the Pier .  Yes, same owner but now they both have their own menus and separate dinning rooms.  And yes the PUB food is back 🙂

So bring the family in for our ever popular Hatter wings, only 50 cent wings on Weds starting at 5pm…Sweet!

Of course, their still a pub and a seafood restaurant! Yes the Hatter has gone MAD…LOL.  They have a great selection of craft, domestic and imported beer and the wine list is always expanding.

Tomorrow on family day you need to bring the kids…..They only eat for $1.00!!!!!


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