Indian Food Comes To Orangeville – Coriander Kitchen

IMG_0456Looking for an Indian restaurant in Orangeville, then look on further than 85 Broadway.

If you like Indian food but don’t like driving to Brampton every time you get the craving than you need to try Coriander Kitchen! The food is awesome and is always cooked fresh. It’s not greasy or oily like some restaurants. I tried a few dishes on the menu and I just love the Butter Chicken and the samosas are amazing.  Also the Nann bread is made from scratch and is the best I’ve ever had :).  The meals will take time to prepare since each dish is freshly prepared, so you might have to wait a bit but I thought it was worth it.

IMG_0423They have huge menu, with a list of “combination specials” that allows customers to have a selection of choices from their whole menu.

I’m not one for crazy curry spices, but there are a large number of dishes that are very mild and flavorful such as Chicken Korman, Royal Butter Chicken, and most Tandoori dishes to mention a few. All the other spicier meals can be toned down for the more delicate palate.

IMG_0430They also have most of their menu as a take out as well but I would encourage anyone wanting to order take out to call ahead, it’s a small restaurant and it will take some time to put it all together.

Note: Please keep in mind that after you leave the restaurant you might find your clothing has a curry smell.  Just sayin’ 🙂

Coriander Kitchen is located at 85 Broadway, just east of the Town Hall. You can reach them at 519- 940-9410 or connect with them on facebook


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