The Mega Quarry is DEADThe Mega Quarry is dead!

What a truly amazing Victory. The Mega-Quarry is dead thanks to People Power.

I said from the beginning that you should never underestimate what a small group of engaged, smart and committed citizens can achieve when they organize themselves and speak with one voice and one message.  Anything can happen and it did.  The power that citizens have to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to protect our food and water sources as well as the environment has been proven.

How DEEPLast November the Highland Companies withdrawing its plan to build a massive open-pit limestone quarry in the rural Melancthon countryside. The VERY controversial proposal to blast HUGE amounts of limestone from beneath the finest farmland in North America and divert 600,000,000 (6 million) liters of water a day initially got a few local and residents very worried.  They sounded the alarm bell as to what was going on and boy did they face overwhelming odds to stop it.

Like I said above, anything is possible.  The question I get asked when I speak to home sellers and buyers is “Why did they withdraw their application”?  The best answer I can give is the Federal government was asked to step in.  They ask that the proposal be subject to an environmental assignment at the federal level, so the feds asked the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority to do a study to see if it was warranted.

A few days before the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority report was to be released I guessing there was a few phone calls made and I guess you can fill in the blanks..LOL

We have always had gravel pit fights in Ontario before, but those have largely been thought of as small local issues. Never have we had a QUARRY of this magnitude in Canada ever!  We pulled together a very large base of support and media attention that we as Canadians have never seen before.  Here’s the message for anyone else that who thinks that they can pull something like this off.


mega-quarryRight now I would like to congratulations and thank to all the community groups for their efforts, and to everyone who was involved (YOU all know who you are ;)). Whether you wrote a letter, put a No Mega Quarry sign on your lawn, participated in walks, joined in at Foodstock or Soupstock, or signed a petition, we all made a difference.  All of our efforts stopped this stupid project.


dbm2Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy some good olde county cooking and music.  That’s right, NDACT is hosting a Mega celebration 2 minutes away from ground zero at the North Dufferin Community Centre (Honeywood Arena).

Join us in Honeywood as we recap the past year of our campaign to stop the Highland mega quarry and our vision going forward. Then, get ready to dance as we celebrate our recent victory with a party and live music! 
Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013

The doors open at 6:00 PM Saturday FEBRUARY 16 2013, local food showcase starts at 6:30 PM.

Directions to the party: North Dufferin Community Centre (Honeywood Arena), 706114 County Rd. 21, Honeywood, ON L0N 1H0

6:00 Doors Open
6:30 Local food showcase
7:00 Meeting / Message from NDACT Chair, Carl Cosack
7:45 Party starts with Square Dancing…

Artists: Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace), Tom Barlow, Grand Canyon, Emm Gryner, Gary Heaslip and Band and Ed Roman

Speakers: Prof. Rene Van Acker (U of Guelph), Danny Beaton, Brad Giffen (CTV National News Host), Dale Goldhawk (from Goldhawk Fights Back), Mark Calzavara (Council of Canadians) and Dr. Faisal Moola (The David Suzuki Foundation)

Tickets are $20.00 per person (this is at cost). Don’t miss the fun!

Please order your tickets in advance – hall capacity is limited.

Tickets are available from: Karren Wallace 519-925-3845 and Susan Sanford 519-925-5556

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