Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea

IMG_4706Who likes coffee and tea?  Hmmmm, I do and the other day I noticed a new store in Orangeville that sells both but it comes with a twist!  Their sign might not be up yet (it will be soon) but they are open for business.

Espresso/coffee machines in the city are by no means a niche industry; we a society  hooked on and fueled in large part by our gargantuan consumption of caffeine. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re particular about your coffee.  I like consistency and it would be nice to have different selections with little to no work.

Dave tells me their family has always been big coffee drinkers and they thought now would be a good time to open their own business since lots of folks have coffee machines.

Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea at Broadway and 4th street is family owned and operated. “Our tea comes from all over the world,” both Dave and Robyn tell me. “And I’m still tasting new teas to add to our store.”

IMG_4711Dave estimates the shop will have have 150 teas & coffees in the coming weeks, many of which are special blends that are hard to come by “I did a lot of research,” Dave tells me. “And he found a really good supplier.

IMG_0211At Prairie Rose Coffee and Tea you can try 150 different flavors without purchasing 150 (24 pack) different boxes.  This store is created exclusively for people who love flavored coffee and tea.  How cool is that!  They have a section in the back of the store where you can try a blend of coffee or tea and see if you like it!

IMG_4708 I don’t know of any place is Orangeville that would offer that.  So if you have a coffee machine that is a Keurig brewer, Tassimo brewer, Pod coffee brewer or your into loose leaf tea then this store is for you!  Oh, one more thing.  If you need to purchase one of these machines, they sell those as well.  Now if your like me and want to mix it up a bit 🙂 then you can buy the cups or pods individually and if you want roasted coffee they will be selling that as well.

IMG_4719Some of the flavored K-Cups include Brooklyn Bean Roastery, Cafe Escapes, Donut House, Gloria Jean’s, Green Mountain, Grove Square, Kahlua, Wolfgang Puck this list goes on and on..

Prairie Rose is located at 47 Broadway Unit 5C and can be reached at 519-278-1149 or visit their web page for more details.

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  1. What a GREAT Shop!!!!

  2. Congrats Robyn and Dave!

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