Big Daddy’s falls victim to economy?

IMG_4174For the second time this month…..It’s dejavu..I’m going to repeat what I said a few weeks ago….”I can’t remember when I first heard the word “deadpool” or what is ment by it but I gather it means something like “defunct” — You know, handed over to the pool of dead companies which have been surpassed and made irrelevant by other, more successful companies”.  OK there, I said it.  Now to move on.

Big Daddy’s shut its doors, a victim of the economy, staff, finances or they just didn’t want to run it anymore.  Does it really matter why?  I don’t think so.  It’s sad to see business open and close but when your north of the city it can be harder operate with a smaller population

If that sounds strange given the fact that the they opened back in 2011, one need only look to small towns across Ontario and you’ll notice a trend.

So, what is the success rate for small businesses and entrepreneurs?
Current survival rates for small and medium-­‐sized businesses in Canada decline over time.  About 85 per cent of businesses that enter the
marketplace survive one full year, 70 per cent survive for two years
and only 51 per cent survive for five years. (Source: Industry Canada)

Call it what you will but one thing is for sure, WE all need to support local small business if we want nice looking store along main street.  Otherwise it will look like Detroit in the U.S, over run with closed up buildings and rundown neighborhoods.


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