Brown Snow in Dufferin

I’ve never loved how spring looks when the snow is melting or when it’s been on the ground for a few days (It’s really dirty and depressing). The yard snow is bad enough after it melts a bit and you can see the dog poo…LOL.  But the edges of the roads and all the mountains of snow now turned to ice in parking lots are the worst. UNTIL I saw this…..

Brown Snow In Mono
I have to say, I felt like I was on a different planet as I drove along ___________________ yesterday. I guess that’s what you get when the wind picks up and the farm fields are exposed, welcome to the dust storm of the winter…LOL.

Oh, I loved snow when I was kid and I didn’t have to shovel it. As I got older I didn’t much care for the snow as much since I lived just north or T.O the snow was a little bit dirty. Come to think about it, the closer to Toronto the dirtier the snow was.

In my option living in the country is way better and cleaner.  But before you move here you need to know the lay of the land, sometime you need to know a lot about the weather and how it will affect where your live.  Just ask these home owners how they like living in the county 🙂

Dirty snow in mono

We have another cold week coming up and the temperature is about to drop to -13 for the entire week.  I just hope it snows and covers all this DIRTY SNOW…YUCK!


Brown Snow on Mono Amaranth Townline

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