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bistro burger jointI know it’s not Orangeville but……Have you been to bistro Burger Joint in Alliston yet? If not, get there! I’ve been to lots of burger places over the years, some in Toronto and others in small towns dotted throughout Ontario and this one makes the list!

Toronto it seems is certainly dominating the gourmet burger scene.  So when people move north of the city to small towns with lots of mileage between them, they tend to have a hard time finding a place to satisfy their big city craving, at least that is until now.

Trevor and Jay opened bistro Burger Joint last March.  I didn’t have the opportunity until June to visit them, but since then its my go to place every time I’m in Alliston.  So today I found myself hammering in my for sale sign into the rock hard ground with my belly telling me it’s time to eat.

IMG_0061At bistro Burger they keep a very simple menu with an incredible amount of options. What I mean is you have a ton of topping choices for your burger. Pretty much anything you can imagine putting on your burger is on the menu. One thing to keep in mind is these burgers are gourmet (not your run down beef patty out of the box) and don’t need any other toppings.  Go with what comes with the burger and you’ll be VERY happy.  If you not you can blame me..LOL

IMG_0055It’s hard to believe that only 10 months ago, bistro Burger Joint respectful opened for business with their $8.95 Beastro Train Wreck burger.  We’re use to words like “grass-fed,” “heritage” and “dry-aged” entered into the burger lingo.  North of Toronto is not crammed with craft burgers like they are in the city, but carnivores will rejoice when they find out the chefs at bistro Burger are bringing in whole cows from nearby farms, have had their meat double ground (very lean), the meat is locally raised, 100% natural and everything else on the menu is locally sourced (Yeah), replace ketchup with spicy remoulade and source Woolwich goat’s cheese you know your in for a AWESOME experience!  When you eat here you can be sure that Jay and Trevor know which COW your meat came from.

IMG_0067I’m so thankful that the mom-and-pop shops haven’t been put out of business—there are still plenty of sublime greasy-bag burgers around (you know who you are).

So when you come to eat here your going see that their burgers have interesting names such as B.B.JAY, BACON & CHEESE & BACON, SEVEN DEADLY SINS, MAC DADDY, BEASTRO TRAIN WRECK, DOWN TO EARTH the true veggie burger, OFF THE HOOK Maitoulin Island rainbow trout fish cake and even organic mixed greens salad.  They even offer a gluten free potato bun if your looking for a different taste.

burger bistroIn addition to wonderful burgers you’ll find they offer lots of different types of Poutine such as the Three Amigos.  All the potatoes come from a local farm only 30 minutes away.   They have TV’s in the restaurant to enjoy while you wait for your food, a ATM machine that only charges you .75 cents (now that’s AWESOME), the customer service is great and the guy cooking your burger is a real CHEF with years of experience cooking meat (food safety is high priority).

Oh yeah one more thing, They also have amazing milkshakes…..!

The question I have for everyone here is…have you been and what do YOU think about bistro Burger Joint?

They are located at 70 Victoria Street (main street) in Alliston East, L9R 1R2.  You can visit their webpage for more details or they can be reached at (705) 250-1016 or connect with them on facebook

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  1. I totally agree with everything you say in this article! The burgers are absolutely AMAZING! And being that I am a gluten free/organic eater, I am even more excited to be able to order a burger and know that everything is local and “real” food!! I was more than impressed and have taken everyone I know there!!!


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