Orangerville Lions Sports Pad

IMG_3907Looking for a little nostalgia when going skating with friends?  That is for those of us who remember natural ice rinks (outside) and ponds.  You might be in luck if the weather would only do it’s part in cooperating and stay cold so they can flood the rink.

I’m talking about the Orangeville Lions Sports Pad located on Diane drive.

IMG_3906It’s nice to see that after sitting vacant for several years, the 8.5 acres “underutilized,” it will finally be put to good use.

Although I’m sure it’d be frowned upon by some pleasure skaters, I think the outdoor ice rink would make for the perfect late-night shinny venue but with the large number residential properties in the area, some parents might take issues with that or not.

I don’t know who’s nets where there the other day but it looks like people really want to play some hockey – the rink was designed as a multipurpose pad that can be used of multiple sports events such as hockey, ball hockey, lacrosse, tennis and basketball, among other sports.

Orangeville Lions Sports Pad 2013

Orangeville Lions Sports Pad 2013

The Lions Club took a lead role in raising the funds to develop the Sports Pad and my understanding is that the Town of Orangeville will be responsible for the on-going administration and working with local sports organizations for use of the facility.

One of the commitments the Town agreed with, was to allocate at least 50% of the available time for use by local kids in playing pick-up events and general recreation.

If you want more info on how to book times, when you can go and play pickup hockey or you just want to skate with your boyfriend/girlfriend then I suggest you call the town at 519-941-0440

There’s more to it then just a ice rink….The whole park is going to be transformed into a awesome outdoor sports complex that includes an outdoor sports pad, two full-sized sports fields, a playground, a horseshoe pit, a beach volleyball court, walking trails and a series of outdoor fitness stations.

When completed I think residents in Orangeville are going to benefit a lot.

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