New Year’s Day 2013 Event In Grand Valley – The 18th Annual Polar Bear Dip

PDI would have to say one of the better ways to cure a hangover is to sleep but if your reading this then I guess that’s not working for you 😦 but you do have another options that would be to shock the system, right?, Grand Valley is the place of choice for the Polar Bears to take their 18th annual dip in the frigid waters of the grand river this morning.

Grand Valley Polar Bear Dip 2012Ringing in the New Year with a quick bath in the freezing cold river, the Polar Bears welcome any and all interested (or crazy in the head) in registering to appear at the shore at noon. The minimum donation or sponsorship is $10, with all money going to the Community Betterment, and there will be plenty of talk in the town :). Be forewarned–the weather will be dipping below 0 today.

The Dip will be at NOON sharp on Sunday January 1, 2012
(Register At Noon; Dip begins at 1:00pm sharp)

The alternate date for the dip will be January 13, 2012, in the event the river conditions are unsafe for the dip on Sunday.

Last Year’s Event with VIDEO

Polar Dip New Years Day at 1:00 pm at the Old Firehall Dam, Mill St E, Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada,

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