The New Beginning Of Video Rentals In Orangeville – Redbox

blockbuster ClosedI’ve been thinking about NYE the last few days and thought, what if people don’t want to go out to dinner, bar or friends house?  What if all they want to do is stay home and watch a few movies I know I did that a few years ago and it was a nice quite family night.  But as the sun sets on the age of the video rental store and dawns on the age of streaming movies. What happens if your fed up with Netflix’s lack of new content on their streaming movies, the Christmas Eve outage or maybe you don’t have cable….OK, I know most people do but there are LOTS of families that can’t afford the price of on demand and all the other challenges and costs that come with it.

So for those of you still missing your local Blockbuster location and wondering where you’ll get your recent releases now, here is an option.

Red Box in OrangevilleRedbox has now set up shop in Orangeville this year with its popular vending-machine DVD business, it’s aiming to fill a void created by the failure of Blockbuster Corp. and other traditional video stores.

Red box has now operating in 49 locations across Ontario with 2 of them right here in Orangeville. They offer movie and game rentals for less than $2 a day.  One is just outside the front doors at Walmart and the other is at 25 Broadway – Shoppers Drugmart.

IMG_9834With video rental stores in decline, we the consumer are quickly turning to other options for watching movies at home. I find on-demand services are convenient but can be pricey compared with traditional rental fees. Netflix offers unlimited streaming for less than $14 a month, but selection is limited and the service eats up Internet bandwidth.

Now before you go rent one there are some issues I have found out from people that have rented a Red Box video.  One complaint I heard was the disc was scratched and if you call their support number you’ll get some free rental codes, but that doesn’t help much, or the disc was so badly covered in greasy fingerprints that it can’t be cleaned enough to play.  Overall it still seems to be a good option but if you still like going to the store you can still check out some variety stores have been renting movies forever 🙂

IMG_9833I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a part of me that is sad to see video stores as an institution go away forever. I remember the days of the VHS, descending on the video store (it was usually video 99 or Cliffwood Movies, two memory-filled establishments that are no longer around) on a Saturday night with a bunch of high-school friends. We’d pick up a few liters of Root Beer and some very overpriced candy, pizza and rent a couple of action or horror movies with the best/cheesiest combination of title and box art such as the Blob. It was a social event that gave us a sense of instant gratification and spontaneity. But then I imagine my parents probably felt the same way about going to the drive-in. They had their time and place, but outlived their usefulness.

Let’s see how the next generation makes out with the digital revolution 🙂

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