129 Minutes In The Winter Forest

Winter morning time in Dufferin County December 2012

Winter morning time in Dufferin County December 2012

“A winter’s day in a deep and dark December.” The awesome beat of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep plays in my head as I step out of my house and gaze around.  Wow, what a winter wonderland!

Although Dufferin County has the lowest population of our surrounding neighbours .  We must have some of the most beautiful countryside in Ontario. It’s remote (somewhat), quiet, and we sit high on the Niagara escarpment.

IMG_4128Thin cloud shrouds the Mulmur hills, scattered snowflakes drift lazily earthward, and only a dim light filters through the trees.  Dark?  Certainly.  But not too cold, no wind, no harsh sun reflecting off the snow.  This is the kind of day I love, a perfect day to hike or snowshoe along the forest trails & taking photos :).

A deep tranquility descends upon Dufferin County every year at this time.  All remnants of summer have vanished, it’s like a soundproof blanket has been placed over the forests.  Quite, Peaceful, RELAXING!

IMG_4287Today I decided it was time to visit somewhere I haven’t been in quite awhile and take some photos of the awesome hoarfrost.  Hoarfrost disappears very quickly and since I can’t stop time I had to find my camera fast..LOL

The funny thing about Kilgorie is, out there in the Mulmur hills during the holidays, people have a lot of time to relax (that’s why they live there or have a country weekend retreat). This makes them quite different to people in any given city, where people discuss subjects that lead to a static life: empty jokes and hollow phrases that’ll never change lives and cannot be recalled when the hangover draws a blanket over the next day.  But a walk in the forest is totally different, it draws in life into the body with it’s rushing waters and awesome views but that’s just my opinion (I use to live in Toronto).

IMG_4292Out here the seconds tick by so slowly, and every one of them counts. Sometimes they lead to some childhood memories, my first date, a time when I was sick, sometimes to chaos and sometimes even to sadness.  But always, always, I go home a little different to what I was when I went there. Not different in an I have no friends to come with me way – different because I walked, breathed clean air, had no computer with me (ok maybe my iPhone). I communicated – in the deepest sense of the word by just being in the moment and enjoying nature in the rarest form .

Life-changing moments?

I simply asked a silly question to break the silence; now take a look at a few of the other photos I took.












Nature reclaiming The old powerhouse of the Dufferin Light and Power Company in December 2012.


The Trail passes the ruins of the old powerhouse of the Dufferin Light and Power Company. There is also an old flume which brought water from a dam nearby, which, when constructed in 1909, was the longest of its kind in Ontario. The plant supplied power to Shelburne, Horning’s Mills and part of Orangeville. The creation of Ontario Hydro, however, put manyof Ontario’s private power plants out of business, and by 1927 hydro power was no longer being generated here.

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