The ghosts of retailers past…we say Merry Christmas

Orangeville kmart

I’m in a retro mood today and so I thought that with the coming demise of a Canadian retail icon next year we could look back on some oldies and get the memories flowing 😉

The clock never stops and continues to march towards the big day, and shoppers across Orangeville run around to find the perfect gift, Christmas goodies and tasty drinks for houses full of hungry and thirsty friends and family, let’s have a drink of spiked eggnog for our favorite departed retailers from Christmas’ past, and for one who is about to join their ranks after bidding adieu this shopping season.

kmart back doorAfter 14 years in business locally.  Zellers will permanently close its doors in Orangeville (just like K mart did when Zellers purchased them) in March for 2013.

Even since the Orangeville mall opened in 1977 it’s been K Mart or Zellers.  I wounder what the next chapter of the story will be?

So, since this is the last Christmas for Zellers in Orangeville we say “Goodbye Zellers“, we probably won’t ever forget you and your laws of toyland!

And many happy returns to the holiday-glo memories of Eatons, Simpsons, Towers, Boots, WHSmith, Woolco, I.D.A, Miracle Foodmart, K-Mart, Knob Hill Farms, Dominion.

Merry Christmas!

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