Mill Creek Pub Is Now Open

Mill Street PubWhere does someone go in the Orangeville downtown core to have a good meal and relax?  I for one can name a few, but today while I was out visiting past clients and friends I’ve made over this past year while writing about all the cool places and things to do in Orangeville….I ended up at the The Mill Creek Pub located where the old Hardwick House place one stood.

Over the last few weeks I have come to realize that it’s an iconic and historic located in the heart of downtown Orangeville. Once it was the location a Dairy then a Bottling Plant, Bar and now this amazing newly transformed restaurant and Pub.

IMG_9787There is nothing like great food and awesome customer service that will get me excited about hump day. I can always tell that I found a winner when I check a place out and find myself looking for any excuse to go back, and YES I will be back.

The atmosphere is nice; the food is great, and they have 19 fantastic beers on tap to choose from . They can seat 70 people on their outdoor patio, it has to be one of the biggest locations for seating in the downtown core.  Inside they have seating for 188 people on the main and upper floors. The location is unbeatable! It’s in that central part of town where you can have dinner and then decide if you want to stay or go catch a movie.

IMG_9797I started with the homemade Steak and Cobblestone pie, which is served with a salad, soup or fries.

It soup was awesome!

The Steak Pie was nice and hot, but the real star was their customer service (15 minutes and I had a freshly made lunch)…LOL.  They have tons of different preparations, and they’re all fantastic! Also, save room for dessert. I would go back just to eat more of their cheese cakes.

They are truly worth checking out and they’ve only been open for a week.  I can say that it sure didn’t feel or look like it today.  I guess word has gotten out 🙂

Their service and hospitality are award winning and the other awesome thing to know is that they are a family owned and run business….YEAH BABY!!!

They are located at 25 Mill Street Orangeville, Ontario and can be reached at 519-307-5700 or you can connect with them on facebook

Mill Street Lunch Menu

Mill Street Lunch Menu

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