For the Love of Food Trailers

Having spent the majority of my life in the GTA, the concept of food trailers has been foreign to me until I moved north of hwy 7.  Yes, I am well versed in the street vendors in downtown Toronto but I’m taking about a trailer that has been put down in one spot for so many years that it would seem unfriendly for it not to be there.  I have grown to love food trailers for two reasons: 1) they offer aspiring business owners a goal more easily obtained than opening up a brick and mortar and 2) the low overhead cost of trailers keeps food prices affordable for patrons.

Let me back up a bit for those who are new to the area or are looking at moving this direction (north of Shelburne) Masonville has a Gas Station and country store that has a little burger & fries trailer that’s been operating in Melanchton, ON since FOREVER ;). That’s right; they’ve been serving all of us for so many years I can’t anyone who can tell me. Whether you’re planning to stay and eat there or grab your food and drive to Collingwood it’s always great.

If you haven’t been  to Masonville (Hwy 124 and 17th Sideroad) I’d say it’s time to get there before they close for the season! Another fun thing is to swing through and get your food and head further north up to Collingwwod and enjoy.

517003 County Rd 124, RR 3
Shelburne, Ontario L0N 1S7 – 519-925-0522 phone

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