2 Cool Places to Take Sunset Photos in Dufferin County

I was headed home the other day after a listing appointment.  I was driving through amaranth on county road 11 and 4th line 15 minutes before sunset and this picture was taken about 3 minutes outside Shelburne.  While I took many more as the sun, a tiny ball of orange, set behind the clouds, this one is my favorite.

I grew up in the city.  The night sky I looked at as a child was mud-colored, though the skies as the sun set were awesome: “The pollution makes it pink!” we joked.  Now I can see much more of the sky; it’s impeded only by trees and more trees towers, not tall buildings and smog.  I like that.

A few weeks ago I was in the Melanchton and Amaranth areas coming back from showing country homes to a client from Toronto.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been practicing with my new camera.  Getting a grip on my current confusion about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO can sometimes very funny thing :).  But I think I’m getting better  at it.  What do you think?

So if your out and about and are looking for some nice places to take some photos! Always take your camera or phone with you because you never know what another chilly fall day will bring :).

Categories: Driving Tours, Family Fun

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