Shelburne Doggy Day Spaw

There are lots of places you can take your pets to get groomed in Dufferin county and there are many different types of services that are being provided but one of the most common is the use of the Furminator. No, we’re not talking about futuristic crazy robots from the future :). This is a specific treatment for specific dogs such as the hairy dogs like Irish Setters or labs. The Furminator can greatly reduce any hair fall by 60% to 80%.

There are many common practices in pet grooming like the use of massage and hydrobath service. Both cats and dogs love massages and nothing better than a water massage but I’m all about KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).  So if you live in Shelburne you might want to check out Doggy Day Spaw for your pets hair cut :), but you will not find her on the main rd or any other commercial location, it’s all home based.

When you take a pet to get groomed it might be a little stressed and the tensions might be running a bit high.  Kim Walsh the owner of Doggy Day Spaw see’s things a bit differently.  She takes a quite relaxing approach while grooming your pet.  She takes about 1.5 hrs to do a bang up job and everyone is happy.  No short cuts or rushed jobs, she tells me that ensuring her clients feel relaxed and comfortable is so important to a great grooming job.  Kim is very professional and she knows what she is doing.  Using a mix of different types of pet products like shampoo and deodorants during and after a groom in order to deep clean.

She charges anywhere from $45 for small and medium dogs, to $65 for large dogs.

A full groom includes – brushing/dematting, furminating (if needed), ears, nails, pre-clipping, bath, dry, final clipping, scissored finish, bows or bandanas, perfume or cologne.

To book an appointment or need some questions answered  you can reach Kim at  519-925-0987.

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