Best Shortbread Cookies In Dufferin County – Wicked Shortbread

Walking around Orangeville on an awesome sunny day with some amazing clients was what my day was like other week.  I felt like a tour guide, Ok I guess I was :).  Selling houses is what some people in my profession think is their job but I take a different approach, my value as a realtor is my years of experience, your consultant and adviser and as the professional that will keep you safe and ensure that all the transactional details are looked after, including the all the paperwork.  That being said one other such detail is acting as your tour guide was we visit your new community and the residents that live there.

So when I went in to visit Keri Eric the owner of Wicked Shortbread at 96 Broadway and pick up some of her awesome cookies,  she greeted me with the biggest smile I would expect from the amazing local shop owners 🙂 in Orangeville.

Last year I experienced my
first boxes of Wicked Shortbread from the Hockley Valley Farmers market on Day 82 of 365 Things to do in Orangeville, needless to say they where finished even before I got into the car to come home,  sorry but there’s no willpower when it comes to these AMAZING cookies!  Hands down this is the only and I mean only place I will buy Shortbread cookies.  BEST EVER!!!

Now your don’t need to drive to the farmers market to buy these awesome cookies.  They have opened up a store at 96 Broadway (south side across from town hall).  While I was there I picked up some of the chocolate chip cookies  and a container of their newest arrival,  ice cream!  It’s handmade in Muskoka and is totally unique and the taste…:) – Belly Ice Cream Company.

They also have these little bites of heaven are they are made locally and are positively amazing!

They are open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Friday, Saturday 10am to 4pm.  Sunday and Monday they are closed :(.  They can be reached at 519-307-5000 or you can connect with them on their facebook page

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