Best Victoria Day Weekend In Years!

So the glorious May long weekend finally arrived in Orangeville. This is definitely the one weekend everyone marks off on their calender and clears their entire schedule to dedicate themselves to all the festivities that happen in the family and at the cottage.  If your a gardener then your definitely planting 🙂

Now, I don’t know if you know but..Ontario’s summer begins and ends unofficially with two long weekends: Victoria Day in May and Labour Day in September. The weather this year has been awesome and it be quite honest I think it’s the best on record.  I’ve always looked forward to the May long weekend even since I was a kid.  Camping was the big thing but as I got older it was off to a friends cottage.  Now that I’m older I find my self staying home cleaning the garage, cutting the lawn, cleaning the house and going on a bottle fundraiser for my daughters dance studio…their all going to nationals in Deerhust this summer :).

As I type this some people will ask “Did you have a nice weekend”? and I will smile and say “YES” it didn’t rain and I was with my family the whole time for the first time in months!  Being a realtor we hustle when it’s busy and spend time with family when it slows down…..

The other day when mentioned to my wife that I’m so happy to be home on the Victoria long weekend, my daughter replied “why is it called the Victoria Weekend”?

I must admit that this was the first time I had heard this question for quite a long time.  Here was my answer.

Most Canadians don’t consciously think about it any more, but May 24 was Queen Victoria’s birthday. All countries in the British Empire celebrated her special day, and let’s face it, it IS a great time of year to have a party!

I guess Canada’s Parliament thought so too because after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901,  it declared May 24 the official day to celebrate the birthdays of all reigning British monarchs. Unfortunately, May 24 does not always occur on a weekend! So in 1952, the date was changed to the last Monday before May 25, creating a long May weekend every year.  This weekend many Ontarians are opening their cottages, planting their gardens  (risk of frost is pretty much past for this spring), spending time with family, or escaping routine by doing something special.

But when I was 19 we called (Many party-lovers have at it) this holiday May Two-Four, a double entendre that refers to Queen Victoria’s actual birthday and to Canadian slang for a case of 24 beers… but that’s another story 🙂

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