Day 356 of 365 – Spring Classic 2012 Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club

The other day one of the fans of 365 mention that there is a horse show this weekend and it’s not surprising considering it’s almost summer.  You really don’t have to drive far in Dufferin County to come upon horses grazing is beautiful pastures, for horse farms and all things equine are abundant in this region.

It’s also not surprising that for years, equestrians and equestrian-related businesses have slowly been making our area their home. We have an amazing place, after all, to raise horses, and for kids and adults to be involved with horses.  My wife and daughter both ride and have been trying to get me to commit to riding lessons (I’m sure I’ll cave sooner than later :))

This weekend if your in the area of the  Orangeville Agricultural Society in Mono you’ll find an array of horse events taking place.  The show is called Spring Classic 2012 Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club and it offers quality, welcoming horse shows where fun, success, and personal growth are their primary focus.  There will be over 200 horses from Canada and the U.S.A. competing in a variety of classes throughout the weekend.   The best part about the show is that it has Free Admission, so bring your friends or family and have a rocking weekend 🙂

The show runs from 18 – 21 May 2012.  I don’t know the times but you can call them at 519-942-9597

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